Managing and Protecting Your Data in a Distributed, Hybrid Cloud SaaS World

Webinar - On-Demand

With growing remote operations, a company needs to make sure that their data is managed, protected, and recoverable at low costs. How do you best manage your data with a single solution while having full visibility into the data?  How do you ensure protection from malicious attacks and formulate the recovery plan in the event of an attack? In this webinar, Dave Totten, Chief Technology Officer of US Partner Ecosystem at Microsoft, and Randy De Meno, VP/CTOM of Microsoft Practice & Solutions at Commvault, will share methods to leverage the cloud that will help you achieve data portability and recoverability and get the data insight you need using a single solution.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Evaluate your current data management and data protect solutions and how to modernize, transform and prepare your data protection to be future ready.
  • Learn how to create a roadmap and plan that outlines the advantages of utilizing Commvault data protection, complete with an ROI assessment.
  • Understand how Microsoft and Commvault are defining the new world of SaaS data management to accelerate digital transformation for their customers, using Azure as a catalyst to accelerate transformation and cost savings