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Dr. Steele Arbeeny
Dr. Steele G. Arbeeny CTO, SNP Group
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Dr. Steele G. Arbeeny is CTO of SNP Group and the architect of numerous mission-critical systems across numerous industries including  technology, financial services, oil and gas, healthcare, pharmaceutical and manufacturing. He is a patent holder and a member of the IEEE and ACM. Arbeeny has a PhD in computer engineering from Rutgers University.

Birgit Starmanns Global Head of oCFO COE Thought Leadership Strategy and Programs, SAP
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Birgit Starmanns is the Global Head of oCFO COE Thought Leadership Strategy and Programs in the Global Center of Excellence for Finance and Risk. She also has responsibility for the go-to-market of new finance and risk solutions that leverage new technologies such as machine learning and cloud, and the business benefits they can bring to organizations. Her functional experience is in finance and management accounting, including SAP S/4HANA Finance, as well as core SAP ERP and SAP EPM. Birgit has over 30 years of experience across the Center of Excellence (COE), solution marketing, solution management, strategic customer communities, and management consulting organizations. Prior to SAP, she was a principal in management consulting organizations, including Price Waterhouse and several boutique firms. Birgit holds a BA and MBA from the College of William and Mary.

Akash Kumar
Akash Kumar Manager, EY
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Akash Kumar is an author, speaker, and techie for emerging and disruptive technology topics with a focus on Intelligent Enterprise.
He is currently working as Manager with EY and has more than 11 years of experience in innovation, presales, project management, product development, capability development, and SAP implementation and support. He has supported multiple customers as architect in digital transformation by migrating from old to new technology such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP Cloud Platform, and SAP Analytics, implementing new business model on AI/ML, IOT, Blockchain, etc., and even business process simplification and automation by implementing RPA, Celonis, etc. He is the author of PlanViz: Improving SAP HANA Performance (SAP Press) and Building and Extending SAP HANA Live Views (SAP PRESS). He has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and holds numerous certifications, including Scrum Master, Agile, SAP HANA, SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Activate, and SAP S/4HANA.

Michael Kummer SVP, Xiting, LLC
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Michael Kummer is spearheading Xiting’s sales and marketing activities in the Americas. Before taking over this responsibility, he held various leadership positions at high-tech companies in Europe and North America. Michael Kummer has enjoyed a decade-long history within the IT industry, focusing on SAP security. In his spare time, Michael writes for his tech and healthy living blog, spends time with his family and he is an avid Crossfitter.

Sachin Ghorpage, Microsoft
Sachin Ghorpade Principal Architect, Microsoft
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Sachin Ghorpade is Principal architect for SAP on Azure with Microsoft. He possesses 17+ years of experience around SAP basis, Azure, Infrastructure, and Program management. He earned SAP migration and Enterprise architect certification from SAP. He is also a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert.

James Stupple
James Stupple SAP FICO Consultant, delaware United Kingdom
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James is an ambitious SAP Functional Consultant specialized in the finance and controlling modules. Prior to beginning his SAP journey, he read economics at the University Of Birmingham. He has widened and developed his SAP skills at Delaware through involvement with multiple full-cycle implementations. He continues to broaden his expertise which includes SAP FICA as well as FICO 1709/1809 Cloud EX versions. James’ pastimes include sailing and golfing with his family.

Arturo Pinazo
Arturo Pinazo SAP S/4 HANA Cloud certified FICO Consultant, delaware United Kingdom
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Arturo Pinazo, SAP FICO Consultant, is an SAP S/4 HANA Cloud certified FICO Consultant at delaware United Kingdom. He has deep knowledge of the finance and controlling module, especially in the area of digital tax. In his most recent project, he was responsible for configuring and implementing Advanced Compliance Reporting for four different countries including Great Britain for an EX Cloud customer. Arturo also serves as a Finance training lead where he has directed several transformation projects, successfully training many different FICO modules to Delaware’s customers. He is currently working on a S/4 HANA Cloud ES project in the Professional Services industry, where ACR will be deployed globally in 14 countries. Arturo received his degree in Economics and Accounting from Clemson University (South Carolina) in 2017, where he played tennis in the NCAA Division I league.

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