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Jonathan S. Pyo VP, Digital Transformation, SAP
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Results-driven senior business executive with demonstrated history of working in the enterprise software and management consulting industry. Dynamic leader and motivator using an effective combination of analytical and interpersonal skills. Talent for building multi-functional teams while facilitating change management. Passionate about contributing to our clients’ success by leveraging and enabling emerging technologies and solutions from start-ups to leading management consultancy to global enterprise software companies. 

Pandian Athirajan image
Pandian Athirajan Global Partner Channel Leader, IBM
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Pandian works on Cloud Services Offering ManagementProduct management of Cloud infrastructure services offerings; Monetization strategies for cloud infrastructure services offerings & software as a service offeringsand Eco system development through alliances. 

Hank Schless  Senior Manager of Security Solutions, Lookout
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Hank is a Senior Manager on the Security Solutions team, enabling internal teams and external stakeholders around the importance of securing users, devices, data, and infrastructure as part of a larger SASE security strategy. He also works closely with the Lookout threat intelligence research team to help inform the market of the latest threats across consumer, small businesses, enterprise organizations, and federal government. In addition to hosting thought leadership sessions in many forms, Hank has provided insight for industry news across major publications such as Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, NBC, Barron’s, and countless cybersecurity publications.

Madhu Dodda Senior Product Manager, Lookout
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Seasoned security professional building Network & Data security products at scale over the past 10 years. Currently focusing on building products that modernize IT security with Zero Trust principles and architectures. He is responsible for SASE Cloud service and Product vision. Product & Solution Engineering

Sebastien Boria Airbus
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Model Integrated Computing Architect / Mechatronics, Robotics, Intelligent Systems

David Austin Intel
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Deep Learning Engineer leading AI projects in computer vision and machine learning
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