5 Strategies for Faster Risk Remediation in SAP

If left undone, remediating access risks can be tedious, time-consuming, and even costly. Companies can avoid running into these negative consequences by viewing remediation tasks as necessary and approaching them with the same urgency they would apply to discovering violations. This blog post explains 5 strategies to help reduce remediation work.

Read this blog post and learn:
- How to effectively manage remediation work and reduce risk as a result;
- Who should be involved in remediation work—beyond just security, IT, audit and compliance stakeholders; and
- Five components that you should include in your access control and remediation strategy.

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Ryan Throop ERP Maestro Senior Director of Partner & Customer Success
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Leading ERP Maestro's new Global Partner Program is an industry veteran and former IBM Security consultant, Ryan Throop. Ryan's focus on building partner relationships globally, coordinating joint efforts to increase market awareness of GRC solutions and creating opportunities for mutual growth.