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Today, many companies are facing the challenge of constant change or even reinvention, dictated by the requirements of the market. Whether it’s because of new technology, changing regulations, or even changes in institutional knowledge, many companies are considering what direction they need to go for long-term success. It’s the responsibility of business leaders who understand their company’s’ processes to find the right path forward. This is why Signavio was created; to serve as a signpost for workflows, processes, and decisions. Signavio Business Transformation Suite, a cloud-based software for intersectional collaborative process and decision management, offers companies a way to orient themselves in times of constant change.

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The powerful, all-in-one platform to optimize your business processes and drive intelligent business transformation with Live Insights.
Signavio Process Manager is an intuitive BPM solution, connecting your processes to upgraded customer journeys, faster response times, and improved efficiency.
Signavio Process Intelligence delivers next-gen process mining at scale, providing improvements to drive automation throughout enterprises.

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Learn how Signavio helps SAP drive ongoing digital transformation and manage organizational change.
The best technology investments provide tangible business benefits. Often with software migrations, tangible business benefits can be difficult to realize, especially when teams from different departments have different priorities. Migrating to SAP S/4HANA is a prime example. Leaders of IT may have one vision while business leaders may have another.

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SAP® Solution Manager 7.2 (SolMan) integration.
Signavio – transforming sap customer experience.

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Supporting SAP's Operational Excellence Initiative

“The Signavio Business Transformation Suite: Velocity Edition supports our transformation globally." To drive SAP’s new digital strategies, the market leader in enterprise application software is rolling out Signavio Collaboration Hub to more than 99,700 employees worldwide! With global transformation, exclusive 4D modeling initiatives, and SAP S/4HANA® adoption, discover why SAP considers Signavio a partner to "drive operational excellence". Fast, just got faster! Find other insightful content from Signavio on their Vendor Showcase


Process-oriented ERP implementation with Signavio Process Manager and SAP® Solution Manager 7.2

Signavio Process Manager offers integration with SAP® Solution Manager 7.2, empowering slick collaboration between business and IT. This white paper explains how customers can employ Signavio Process Manager with SAP® Solution Manager 7.2 to facilitate business user involvement in the requirements specification, and documentation process of SAP® solutions. Find other insightful content from Signavio on their Vendor Showcase


Looking Beyond Tomorrow: Signavio and SAP S/4HANA®

Discover how Signavio Process Manager swiftly integrates with the next-generation SAP ERP Suite, enabling even simpler collaboration between business and IT. Also, read our guide to better SAP integration, including SAP Solution Manager 7.2. Find other insightful content from Signavio on their Vendor Showcase


How Process Mining Supports Operational Resilience

In a time of increased uncertainty, maintaining an agile and adaptive business is more important than ever. But any plan for the future is only as strong as the data it rests on... Discover how process mining supports operational resilience by providing the insights your business needs to tackle future challenges.


5 Things Businesses Should Focus on After a Crisis

Any crisis can have a severe impact on a business, or even a whole industry - but some organizations are better prepared than others. Thanks to the early adoption of digital transformation efforts, some companies enhanced their global agility, allowing them to react better, faster, and smarter. The next question is: What should businesses focus on in the immediate aftermath of a crisis? Find out with our exclusive infographic.


When Process Management Meets Human Resources

From administrator, to business partner, to proactive business enabler: the role of the human resources professional has changed dramatically in recent years. Now, HR departments are using human behavior to drive innovation and ideas within organizations, and looking for the right software solutions to help. In this exclusive expert interview, we discuss the challenges and opportunities when process management meets human resources with Andrey Kulikov, HR Value Advisor at SAP, and Marijn van Amelsfort, HR Business Architect and Project Lead of the SAP SuccessFactors Process Library.


Embracing the New Normal: Operational Resilience After a Crisis

Operational resilience is how you can ensure your business is able to respond effectively to the next crisis. In this white paper, you will discover:

  • A brief overview of the impact of COVID-19, and how this has had a once-in-a-generation transformative effect on global businesses;
  • The definition of operational resilience, and how it differs from business continuity;
  • How an operational resilience approach can drive business transformation and a new way of working, including rebalancing working relationships, redistributing workload and decision-making within a company, identifying and optimizing core services, and prioritizing customer excellence;
  • How Signavio can support an operational resilience approach, and help your organization handle future challenges.

Find other insightful content from Signavio on their Vendor Showcase.


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