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An SAP implementation is always about balance. Up and running and stable today? Tomorrow, you’re asked to do even more. Handling more transactions, more users, more partners, more modules. How do you handle the data behind it all? You need a solid, agile, scalable backbone. SAP on NetApp is that backbone. NetApp’s storage provisioning and performance capabilities are fast, and they add value to your data. Stay on-premises, or move to the cloud whenever, wherever you want with the hyperscalers: Azure, AWS and Google. It’s your SAP data. Use it.

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Need a little (or a lot) more performance for SAP? Our AFF A-Series arrays deliver the award-winning speed and responsiveness your performance-sapping workloads demand.
Reduce your risk when you trust your mission-critical SAP workloads to Azure and Azure NetApp Files. Unbelievably fast and with 99.99% availability guaranteed. Take your SAP experience on Azure to an all-new level.
NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service is green-lighted for use with SAP on GCP. Higher quality SAP deployments in less time? Check. Tap fewer resources and assume lower delivery risk? Double check.

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When SAP needed a partner to help build HANA Enterprise Cloud, they chose NetApp. SAP knows NetApp has the solutions to accelerate processes and deliver more intelligence while simplifying environments. SAP chose NetApp. Why wouldn’t you?
We know this can be complex and sometimes you just want to get your specific questions answered, fast. So, we’ve opened up a direct access channel to our SAP solution specialists. Email or meet live? You choose how you want to meet with our data management specialists.

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Whether you are looking for backup and recovery, faster test and development, on-prem or in the cloud deployment, your SAP data belongs on NetApp. And there are 10 good reasons for it.
Coca-Cola bottlers in North America move a lot of product on a daily basis. They use CONA Services as an IT provider to manage the sales and distribution. SAP HANA is the application environment and is one of the world’s largest instances. With such huge volumes of data and constant changes in demand, CONA needed a cloud solution that could handle the heavy lifting.

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The power of three

Three is a magic number. What’s not magic? Running a smooth Enterprise Applications environment. There are three reasons why you should consider NetApp though.


Struggling with SAP in the cloud? Here’s how to cope.

Organizations with both new needs for SAP and existing SAP implementations are looking to the cloud for added agility, versatility, and impact. They are on a search for better ways to build SAP in the cloud, and NetApp is right there with them to address these needs.


Wine and tech: Making it better

Success is always a matter of resilience and being able to adapt to changing market conditions. The wine industry is no exception. Find out how some traditional win producers transformed their database environment to stay relevant.


4 Urgent Business Imperatives to Consider When Migration to SAP S/4HANA

When IT leaders consider the value of their SAP applications, the choice of infrastructure—the residence of their most valuable asset, their data—takes on a new and more urgent aspect. Read the paper from Frost & Sullivan to find out what to consider when transitioning to SAP S/4HANA.


Optimizing SAP Workloads with NetApp

This whitepaper explains why NetApp is the best storage and data management solution for SAP and describes how SAP applications running on NetApp can help you accelerate projects and workloads, simplify operations, and future-proof your IT.


How File Storage Services in the Cloud Help Make SAP Migrations a Reality

We’ve made SAP migrations to the public cloud as easy as pie. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything in life were this straightforward? For an inside look into how to simplify your SAP migration, get your copy of the IDC White Paper.


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