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For enterprise financial organizations who want to fully optimize the use of real-time process automation for better financial outcomes, Kyriba provides a cloud-based Active Liquidity Network that provides real-time, comprehensive cash transparency, a highly connected and secure financial ecosystem, and predictive financial intelligence. Unlike traditional treasury management and ERP systems, Kyriba’s Active Liquidity Network expands, extends and transforms treasury and financial processes to generate additional value, without increasing risk. As a result, cash is optimized, forecasting is more precise, risks are managed with greater predictability, and CFOs can generate net-new value to improve the company’s financial posture.

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Gain visibility into cash and liquidity to make effective decisions.
Gain insight into FX exposures and risk to mitigate currency impacts to earnings.
Centralize payments to optimize cash and working capital, and avoid fraud.

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How can you monitor against payment fraud in today’s crisis environment? Watch this video to learn more.
Join McCormick’s Amit Garg, IT leader, and Zach Symons, Treasury leader, and Kyriba to learn more on ERP bank connectivity costs.

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ERP cloud migration is a costly and time-consuming undertaking, particularly where IT is concerned – and for many corporations, the bank integration exercise can be among the most daunting aspects of the project.
Kyriba and Pulse surveyed 100 IT leaders to shed light on how technology can simplify the process of connecting your ERP to global banks.

Articles / Case Studies / Videos

Case Study: Amway’s Journey to Transforming and Centralizing Global Payments

The continued growth and global nature of Amway’s business presented many positives, but it also created challenges for the treasury function.


Case Study: How Şişecam Took Control of its Cash and Payments

Şişecam’s international growth over the past few decades meant the company had a fragmented approach to cash management.


Case Study: Wanhua Reduces Its Manual Payments by 98% in Less Than Six Months

In 2010, Wanhua began the process of upgrading its finance technology. At the time, it relied on numerous e-banking solutions, which was not only inefficient but resulted in the business having an incomplete record of its payment transactions.


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