Authored by Vinod Reddy, Data Migration and SAP MM Techno Functional Consultant, Utopia, Inc.

Every enterprise will definitely have the objective to improve efficiency and effectiveness in managing data. Efficiency will result in minimizing the cost of administering data and effectiveness will result in maximizing the data quality. From my perspective, a data owner should have at least the following roles and responsibilities to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.


Approval of…

  1. Data Definition
  2. Data- Related Business Rules
  3. Coding Rules
  4. Data Classification and Access Rules
  5. Retention Rules

Assign Responsibilities to…

  1. Data Administration – To add new instances and To maintain/update Specific Characteristi
  2. Data Authorizer – who must approve additions and changes to the data
  3. Data Controller – who must periodically verify the quality of the data

Review Change Requests…


  • Unique to ensure only one definition(thus not one per business unit or per site)
  • Senior position, to ensure rules can be enforced
  • Knowledgeable about the data (though preliminary reviews of the business rules often take place with their staff)
Let me know if I need to add anything to responsibilities and characteristics to make it even more efficient and effective.

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