Data Analytics for the Modern Business

A logistics company that reroutes its trucks in real time to avoid a traffic jam. A manufacturer that preemptively services an asset before it breaks down. A retail organization that selects the location of its new store based on foot traffic on a city street. These are just some examples of modern businesses that make important decisions based on analytics.

Where analytics in the enterprise has traditionally meant reporting historical data and then drawing conclusions from bar graphs, it now means learning from predictive or prescriptive information delivered in real time. And this opens up a world of new opportunities – opportunities that many organizations are already taking advantage of to digitize the business in an effort to better serve customers and partners.

Preparing your business to create and then respond to real-time analytics is a massive undertaking that requires a painstaking planning process and careful technology selection. SAPinsider recently published a special report called “Data Analytics for the Modern Business” that features advice and guidance on how best to harness the opportunities that result from today’s analytics capabilities, including: 

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