Webinar: Winning at Supply Chain Management from The Comfort of Home

Webinar - On-Demand

In this webinar, hear from Ted Shingleton, a Senior Account Executive at Innowera and a notable supply chain improvement specialist, will outline the basics of what it takes to effectively manage your SAP Supply Chain Data and win at supply chain management from the comfort of home. This session is intended for individuals from all size organizations, who manage and use the SAP Platform to execute business critical ERP functions.

The Coronavirus pandemic has required businesses to rapidly shift gears, disrupted established supply chains, caused massive issues in order fulfillment, brought industries to a full stop and all too often prevented supply chain-focused employees from carrying out their jobs. Discussion in this session will highlight productive remote work requirements and best practices to help you better understand the key considerations and capabilities needed to get remote work done, such as:

  • Automated Workflow
  • Remote and Automated Approval
  • Business Controls and Compliance Features
  • Scheduler
  • Remote Identity and Access Capabilities
  • Substitute User
  • Extensive Library of Easy-To-Use Templates
  • Auto Re assignment
  • Run in Chain…

Do not miss this informative session that will enable you with ideas on how to effectively manage your SAP Supply Chain with agility in the age of a remote work-base.

Key Takeaways:

  • Impact of CV19 on Supply Chain Data Management – Trends
  • Areas of Increased Focus and Priority of Technology Spend
  • The 5 Big Supply Chain Challenges
  • 5 Key Principals Necessary for a Higher Level of Preparedness

In these unusual and challenging times, Process Runner from Innowera can help your enterprise be more agile and better able to respond to rapidly evolving situations quickly, while fully supporting your supply chain team members wherever they are working. Our products are designed to improve productivity, enhance and streamline processes, improve data quality and compliance, boost capacity, reduce downstream errors and minimize business risks.

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