Why Masking is a Must-Have for Test Data Management

Webinar - On-Demand

Cybersecurity demands are becoming more relevant and complex, especially since the introduction of GDPR. How can your organization begin standardizing, automating, and accelerating a vital task like data masking? How can you protect sensitive data for non-productive systems? How can you get anonymized data which are GDPR-compliant?

Join our experts, Bernd Baier, Sr. Solution Architect, and Miroslav Jakovljevic, Software Architect and Director Business Unit at Libelle, as they address three main questions regarding data security and perform a short live tool demonstration. Learn why data masking is a critical must-have for test data management and explore their problem-solver tool: Libelle DataMasking (LDM).

Attend this session to:

  • Understand why masking is critical for test data management
  • Identify the risk of non-anonymized data and the importance of anonymizing data
  • Recognize the utility of tools like Libelle DataMasking (LDM)
  • Determine the current and future requirements for anonymizing sensitive data
  • Get access to free limited trials for attendees


Miroslav Jakovljevic Libelle
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Miroslav Jakovljevic is a Software Architect and Business Unit Director of Libelle's DataMasking Team in Stuttgart, Germany.

His responsibility is the software release planning and the monitoring of the implementation. Also he supports in analysis of customer requirements and assists from planning to implementation.

Bernd Baier Libelle
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Bernd Baier is a Senior Solution Architect and VP at Libelle. His responsibilities around system refresh automation include technical architecture and go-to-market strategies. In this role, he has overseen hundreds of automated refreshes and aided countless customers in the transition from manual refreshes to fully automated system copies.