Target's SAP Agile Transformation

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Target’s SAP journey has evolved from waterfall-based development and change management processes to a lean agile-based approach.

The IT department has undergone an organizational shift to accountable, autonomous product-focused teams. As a result, Target has aligned resources to prioritize work and ultimately create, test, and manage SAP changes through the entire lifecycle, enabling a rapid sprint-based approach.

Automation has played a critical role in the cultural transformation and the pivot to agile development. Rev-Trac – an automated SAP change management platform – has been tailored to support a dynamic set of teams and projects.

The automation technology makes a significant contribution to an SAP customer’s shift to SAP DevOps. Rev-Trac’s mature and flexible architecture automatically orchestrates an end-to-end SAP DevOps toolchain, eliminating organizational silos and allowing cross-team collaboration. The software integrates bi-directionally with SAP code checking, impact analysis, and testing solutions for maximized automation of SAP change management activities.

Automated error checking for transport sequencing, dependencies, and impact allows SAP IT teams to safely move SAP changes quickly and minimize the risk of applications breaking in production.

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  • The role of automation in Target’s SAP agile development transformation
  • How Rev-Trac orchestrates the journey to SAP DevOps
  • Why the automated integration with complementary SAP tools is critical for SAP DevOps success