How Merck Life Science Got 32 Million Labels Under Control

Wednesday, November 11 | 11:00 AM EDT
Presenters: Ken Allen, VP of Marketing at Loftware
Andreas Ehlers, Head of Digital Transformation & Hazard Communication at Merck 

Merck KGaA – a leading science and technology company in healthcare, life science and performance materials – needed to get control of their 32 million labels printed for over 350K life science products across the globe. With so many moving parts, Merck needed to standardize and centralize its labelling processes. How did they streamline labeling across all sites?

Attend this webinar to hear how Merck integrated their labeling with SAP technology–along
with other enterprise systems–to provide maximum labeling flexibility, reliability, and ease of maintenance.

You’ll also learn how Merck Life Science:
• Reduced costs and resources by 30% required to manage labeling process while boosting labeling efficiency by 25%
• Minimized or eliminated 3 independent labeling systems in their organization
• Consolidated various data sources, including non-SAP sources, onto their labels
• Standardized on one global enterprise labeling system

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