How does Edge Computing Unlock New Opportunities for Your Organization?

The trend toward digitization, to improve business performance and efficiency, is fueling demand for applications that require peak performance. In tax determination, often involving your customers via transactional systems, this is no different. With deployments of IoT devices and the arrival of 5G fast wireless, placing compute and analytics close to where data is created is making the case for edge computing.

Many companies face the common business and technology challenges in which cloud computing services are inherently slow and that hampers the cloud’s capabilities in running deterministic applications, such as real-time tax calculations. In this practical session you will learn how to leverage edge computing to minimize latency and bring the deterministic application as close to the data source as possible. You will discover:

• What is edge computing and why does it matter
• What benefits and challenges does edge computing address for tax and IT professionals
• How edge computing reduces network latency and speed business processes
• Where and when edge computing is a potential alternative for any on premise solutions that may be in place with your organization
• How to create your own edge computing strategy to support key finance and business processes such as tax

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Jesse Shannon
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Jesse Shannon is a Product Marketing Manager for ONESOURCE Indirect Tax at Thomson Reuters. A graduate of Central Michigan University, he has held roles in both the Tax & Accounting Professional segment and Corporate segment during his tenure at Thomson Reuters. Jesse has rolled out special programs like their Strategic Accounts Program, new product launches like Thomson Reuters Data Hub, and is currently focused on launching new product capabilities and content for ONESOURCE Indirect Tax in the market. He is a resident of Detroit, Michigan and enjoys spending his time “up north” on the lakes in Michigan.

Rob Montañez Thomson Reuters
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Rob joined Thomson Reuters in 2013 and has a long track record of providing insights into tax systems, integration, and best practices to both small and large clients.

Over a 25-year career he has successfully served as technical lead and project manager in numerous sales cycles and technology projects from initial concept through implementation and has consistently utilized a consultative approach to find creative solutions to real customer business challenges. In his current role Rob is supporting sales productivity by ensuring that pre-sales activities include technical solutions that accurately address strategic customer needs and are appropriately supported by key customer technical decision-makers.