2 Ways To Streamline And Simplify Your Indirect Tax Data Management

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The average tax department is required to spend significant time researching rates and rules from different sources to comply with global tax authorities to reduce risk and manage cash flow and liquidity. For the already stretched indirect tax team, there is continuous synchronization and reconciliation of data, as well as consolidating, sourcing, and adjusting that data. How can you trust its accuracy with so much manual effort involved?

This webinar will help you address these challenges an build a simpler, more efficient indirect tax management process.
You will:
• Learn how to establish tax data management best practices and what supporting technology infrastructure is needed.
• How to centralize your tax data to reduce operational costs, save time and increase productivity.
• Discover how to provide integration between your indirect tax automation solution and SAP to provide accurate tax results globally in real time.
• Provide your users with detailed sales and purchasing tax data so that they can make confident, proactive business decisions at the right time.

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Rob Montañez Thomson Reuters
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Rob joined Thomson Reuters in 2013 and has a long track record of providing insights into tax systems, integration, and best practices to both small and large clients.

Over a 25-year career he has successfully served as technical lead and project manager in numerous sales cycles and technology projects from initial concept through implementation and has consistently utilized a consultative approach to find creative solutions to real customer business challenges.In his current role Rob is supporting sales productivity by ensuring that pre-sales activities include technical solutions that accurately address strategic customer needs and are appropriately supported by key customer technical decision-makers.