360° Consumer View - Improve your margins by monetizing buying patterns from the data you already own

On Demand Webinar

Many organizations have an overabundance of data about their consumers as a result of campaigns, coupons, mailing lists, and other third-party data sources. But it can be extremely challenging to turn that data into actionable insights. Even worse—managing mountains of disconnected data requires time spent by already constrained resources and can diminish your ability to create value. By offloading the aggregation of data from various consumer touchpoints to a modern cloud platform, however, you can achieve an all-inclusive view of your consumer behavior. Then, by leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, you can more efficiently analyze the data and provide meaningful insights that go beyond traditional data, such as point-of-sale transactions, including IoT, 5G, social media, and market intelligence data.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Recommendations for how to improve market share, penetration, and product margins;
  • How to save time and money spent on promotions and manual data collection and aggregation;
  • Ways to leverage push notifications and variance narratives to attain instant awareness of store and product profitability; and
  • Opportunities to implement edge innovation to get the most value from the data you already own.
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