Jabil Turns to UI Masking for Stronger Data Protection

An Exclusive Video Interview with Wilder Latino

The proliferation of data privacy regulations and laws has prompted organizations to beef up their data privacy and protection. One way to protect data without the inconvenience of encryption is data masking or user interface (UI) masking.

One company taking full advantage of SAP’s UI masking feature is Jabil, a St. Petersburg, Fla.-based global manufacturing services company. It operates 100 plants in 30 countries and has 260,000 employees worldwide. The company recently updated its SAP GRC and security environment, including implementing UI masking to protect sensitive data.

To learn more about Jabil’s UI data masking and other cybersecurity measures check out this video interview with Wilder Latino, SAP Cybersecurity Solutions Architect, Jabil.


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Wilder Latino Jabil
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Wilder Latino is a certified SAP security expert with more than 20 years of SAP Cyber security experience. As the SAP Cyber Security Architect at Jabil, he is responsible for the SAP’s overall security strategy by providing solutions through the establishment of vulnerability management, threat detection and incident response to constantly changing threats. His main goal is to ensure that Jabil’s SAP environment is protected from exploitable vulnerabilities by evaluating, protecting and detecting such threats.