Video: MSC Industrial Supply Co. Retools to Meet Complex Market Expectations

The app store mentality — which boasts online libraries and the ability to quickly install and uninstall apps with one click — is shaping customer and stakeholder expectations. SAPinsider’s Vice President and Research Director Robert Holland sat down with Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of MSC Industrial Supply Co. (MSC), Charlie Bonomo, to learn how the successful dot com business is positioning itself to spin up applications that are fast, easy to use, and dynamic. 

Bonomo shares his experience as one of the first RISE with SAP customers and explains that the collaboration between SAP and MSC’s hyperscaler partner Google Cloud has been a significant benefit.

Waren’t sitting still. We need the ability to adapt and support all of our stakeholders, who are moving very quickly, by providing them with nimble, scalable, and easy-to-use applications. If we’re sitting back at all it’s to ask, where is the world going? And clearly, that is toward the cloud and offerings like RISE with SAP.” 

Watch the video and hear what Bonomo has to say about the importance of partnerships with strategic partners like SAP and Google Cloud, early benefits of MSC’s digital transformation, and important lessons learned so far.


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