Video: COVID-19 Spread Analysis

Most businesses in the US are currently impacted by COVID-19. View this video from SimpleFi Solutions to gain insight into geo analytics for the pandemic in the U.S. including insights for confirmed cases, infection rates, and predictions.

Built by Eric Blondin at Simplefi, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) and John Hopkins University data are leveraged to give an interesting view on how maps and charts can be integrated to provide a flexible and efficient analytic solution.

John Hopkins University provides this data to anyone who may be interested. SimpleFi can assist you in bringing the data to your SAC environment, and in a few minutes explore potential impacts to your business scenarios by combining it with your existing data.

In part 2 of this analysis, we will go deeper into predictive analytics and how it can be used to potentially generate additional insights. Stay tuned for more!


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