Video: Technology is Accelerating Motor Oil Group’s Deep Energy Transformation, Innovation, and Expanded Customer Experience

Motor Oil Group is one of Greece’s largest companies undergoing a deep transformation from pure oil and gas company to full-fledged energy supply and services company. Founded in 1972, the company of today is investing significantly in the company of tomorrow which will look quite different.  

The Group has an ecosystem of around 1,000 fuel stations in the Greece and Balkan area. The combination of mobility and new technologies is stated as one of the Group’s strategic priorities in transforming the fuel station of today to reflect changing expectations in mobility-related products and services like electric vehicle charging stations, ride sharing, and other types of fuel; and convenient access to new services and products not currently associated with today’s fuel station, developing the non-fuel retail business. 

Hear from both business and IT executives at Motor Oil Group, Victor Papaconstantinou, General Manager of Strategic Planning and Development and Nikos Giannakakis, Chief Information Officer. 

Learn about the transformation to pure customer personalization at the fuel station of the future, supported by a strong technology backbone. 

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