SAP’s North American CFO on the Impact of Digital Transformation on Finance Organizations

Digital transformation is affecting all aspects of enterprises large and small—and perhaps no organization is affected as much as finance. Long stuck doing rote manual processes, finance departments can now use technology to transform their contributions to key business initiatives.

This is true even at major technology providers, as SAP North America CFO Todd McElhatton explained in a video interview at Financials 2018 in Las Vegas.

“When I started my career, it was very transactional, very back-office,” said McElhatton of the CFO’s perspective on digital transformation. “Now we’re expecting CFOs to be front and center. I spend a lot of time with SAP customers, explaining what we’ve done in our transformation, how we’ve used technology, how that’s helping us.”

Watch to hear Todd’s other insights, including how finance’s role as a business partner can lead to better strategies and innovation and yield real business results.