Video Q&A: Thomas Frenehard Discusses Top Risks of 2021 and Ways to Reduce Them

Right now, organizations are operating in a changed – and still evolving – risk landscape. In his focus on GRC and cybersecurity at SAP’s Global Centre of Excellence for Line of Business Finance and in his prior experience as Senior Director in SAP’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance Solution Management team, Thomas closely follows trends and issues in Risk Management with an additional focus in Internal Control & Compliance Management, Fraud Management, and Audit Management in order to stay armed with knowledge on what risks businesses face and how they can be reduced. In this brief interview, Thomas sits down with SAPinsider to share his findings on the many different risks that SAP and its customers have identified for 2021 – from economic to cyber threats to environmental – as well as tips on how they can be reduced. Thomas’ overview and advice will help viewers:

  • Understand both internal and external risks affecting organizations right now and in the coming future, and how they affect divisions and people in addition to bottom lines
  • Learn some strategies to help organizations mitigate risks, from monitoring situations with early-warning systems to educating all employees on the impacts to having response teams in place, and why such measures can be effective
  • Hear what steps some of SAP’s most innovative customers have taken toward having more control over risk, from automating risk-based auditing to providing access risk management directly into business applications, leveraging dynamic authorization methods, to using machine learning capabilities to detect threats and protect intellectual property