SAPinsider Chief Content Officer Riz Ahmed chats with Robin Mager, Vice President, SAP S/4HANA Program, at German-based automotive and manufacturing supplier Schaeffler, which is longstanding SAP and Microsoft customer (with 50,000 SAP users on a (hosted) on-premise version of SAP S/4HANA), about Rise with SAP. In this short video, Mager discusses how sustainability and mobility disruption are changing the way the organization is offering its services to automotive and other industries. He also shares his excitement about the prospect of a holistic, connected transformation – and the quantifiable value it can bring, as well as brings up some considerations for Rise with SAP, such as:

  • Will the offering be usable to customers with integrated and automated platforms with a high degree of customer-specific enhancements? Does it address customers that use the landscape not just in financials but across the entire value chain?
  • Can complex companies use the offering quickly with cloud infrastructure to get lightweight lean and clean enhancements to the cloud?
  • How on board are SAP integration and consulting partners with the new offering? Do they understand it, and how can they bring value to a customer such as Schaeffler?
  • Will SAP’s bold commitment to be accountable as the single point of contact for the success of the complete offering remain as strong as it is today?