In this short video interview, SAPinsider speaks with Nick Giannakakis, Group CIO of Motor Oil (Hellas) – one of Greece’s largest companies, which has been in the market for more than 40 years – but recently began a transformation from a pure oil-and-gas business to one providing energy services. In this interview, Giannakakis shares with SAPinsider Chief Content Officer Riz Ahmed his initial response to the Rise with SAP announcement of a one-stop shop for end-to-end service, which he describes as a “great concept” and “dream of a CIO” – albeit with some initial skepticism of how it will work in practice. During the conversation, Giannakakis discusses the following topics:

  • What he considers attractive elements of the offering, such as the business networks and the ability to leverage the knowledge and deep expertise and assets SAP brings to the table
  • Some reservations he has, such as SAP’s track record with services, and items he would like clarification on, such as what will happen will to current investments in existing hyperscalers or other process management tools (that are not Microsoft Azure or Signavio)
  • His next step for considering the new offering from SAP, which is to convene together with other SAPinsiders to discuss varying perspectives with other executives and trusted advisors to decide on a course of action