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The ROI of financial transformation is being realized by companies across the globe as they increase the efficiency and effectiveness, while simultaneously reduce the cost and risk of their financial close processes. And now, the latest updates to Cadency’s System of Accounting Intelligence solves unique problems for our SAP® customers in the areas of tax, top-sided entries, intercompany, open item clearing and more. Trintech solves these problems and helps customers harness their investment in SAP so that ECC6, BPC and S/4HANA problems can be solved without custom development, manual processes and with a positive ROI, user experience, financial controls and automation.

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Cadency’s System of Integration brings enhanced control, automation & data integrity to F&A departments while helping to ensure that data flowing to & from their SAP solutions is as seamless as possible.
Cadency’s System of Automation allows SAP customers to automate activities directly in their ERP while integrating real-time with Cadency to instantly update the status of a task.
Cadency’s Financial Controls AI uses machine learning algorithms to examine trends in your data over time, identify abnormalities, and automate workflows based on the associated risk.

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View this video to see how to drive further efficiency and control in the intercompany process with Cadency simultaneously raising both AR and AP invoices in SAP, while also performing dynamic tax lookups and calcs using the tax tables from SAP® (the system of record).
With our Cadency SAP-Certified Connector for ECC6 and S/4HANA, we provide an efficient and effective solution to extracting GL balances and transactions, while also facilitating real-time journal entry and invoice postings back to SAP®. In this example, we’re seeing our connector in action where it extracts GL balances and transactions in real-time.

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To help you maximize the value of your ERP investment Trintech has created an unparalleled pre-built Cadency SAP-Certified Connector. Now, you will be able to seamlessly connect and use your data in Cadency, the world’s only comprehensive system of controls that weaves all Record to Report activities into a single, centralized process.
To further maximize efficiencies, many organizations have started to deploy ERP Bots within their System of Accounting Intelligence to trigger advanced, time-saving workflows in their ERP. During this webinar, Trintech discusses how to automate Close tasks with ERP Bots.

Articles / Case Studies / Videos

Maximizing Your SAP S/4HANA Investment with Financial Close Task Automation

During SAPinsider Financials 2021, Trintech & HP discussed how to accelerate your SAP S/4HANA transformation and automating Close tasks with ERP Bots.  

Three Steps to Engineering a World-Class Financial Close…Standardize, Automate, Deliver

Trintech’s Record to Report solution allows Siemens to manage reconciliations across 20 different SAP instances from one location.

Gaining Insight into GSK’s Optimized Record to Report Process

An interview with Babak Naraghi to discuss GlaxoSmithKline’s financial transformation journey with Cadency and SAP.

How to Create Reliable Financial Statements Before, During, and After Your SAP S/4HANA Transition

Many companies have embarked on, or will soon embark on, their transition to a consolidated SAP® S/4HANA instance for their business. Learn how the Cadency SAP-Certified Connector can make your transition even easier.

How to Reduce the Cost, Time and Effort Spent During Your SAP® S/4HANA Transition

Most finance organizations have a heterogeneous ERP application landscape and many see the migration to S/4HANA as the natural solution. Implementing a System of  Controls, such as Cadency by Trintech® alongside an ERP migration produces notable ROI throughout the Record to Report (R2R) process itself.

How Customers are Saving 2,600 Hours a Year Automating Their SAP® Depreciation Process

Trintech is helping many firms streamline their period-end close process by using innovative, disruptive technologies to automate close tasks within customer’s ERP(s) such as SAP® ECC, S/4HANA, Oracle EBS, etc.

Cadency ERP Bots for SAP

Cadency’s System of Accounting Intelligence (SOAI) offers ERP Bots that employ RPA, enabling organizations to trigger advanced, time-saving workflows in the office of finance’s IT environment.

Financial Close Task Automation in SAP S/4HANA with ERP Bots

For large enterprises, the timely completion of financial close tasks in their ERP or S/4HANA environment requires significant planning and execution by an army of employees. This is why organizations are turning to technology to transform their Office of Finance with a System of Accounting Intelligence™ that enables an efficient close with accurate and reliable reporting Include here.


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