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Our vision is to redefine IGA by converging traditional Identity Management with CASB and Application GRC capabilities. In doing this, Saviynt enables enterprises to secure applications, data and infrastructure in a single platform for cloud and enterprise.

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Securing critical access across diverse user and application ecosystems to secure critical infrastructure
Accelerate Cloud Smart initiatives by securing access
Streamline regulatory compliance requirements with risk-based Identity framework

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During our recent Legacy IGA Farewell Tour, we talked about how global enterprises are sunsetting legacy IGA systems and adopting converged identity platforms. But why is a platform critical now? And how does it help you embrace the cloud, increase agility, and secure your modern workforce?
Privileged credentials are one of the biggest targets for cybercriminals. But privileged access management (PAM) tools explicitly built for on-premise resources and applications are insufficient for SaaS applications, databases, and software development platforms spread across multiple clouds.

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This session will discuss how BHF integrated an identity governance and administration (IGA) platform with SAP GRC to perform preventative an SoD risk analysis during the access request for ABAP based systems. It will also explain how BHF leveraged their IGA platform to managed SoD risks for other non-ABAP applications.
Read this article to learn about how the SAP Security Team Integrated Saviynt IGA Solution with SAP Access Control.

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