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Quickbase is a low-code platform that increases agility of operationally intense organizations by providing real-time visibility and automation across complex processes & siloed systems.

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Quickbase’s supply chain management solution unites teams, workflows, data and information across your entire supply chain in one platform for end-to-end visibility of operations. Low code applications also allow your teams to quickly automate manual or complex workflows for greater efficiency, while reducing resources asked of IT.
Quickbase for Sourcing & Procurement allows your organization to achieve real-time visibility into complex, multi-vendor procurement operations. Optimize item price, service, and quality through distributed tracking and interfacing with suppliers across various stages of your supply chain.
Quickbase for ERP Optimization allows your organization to easily achieve visibility into data and information stored in your organization’s core system(s), integrate that data into workflows across your organization, and automate workflows your ERP doesn’t support.

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See how you can manage suppliers and contracts with low-code during these video demos.
When workflows change, data must be modified, or performance needs to be analyzed, working with SAP becomes a major resource drain. Learn how to solve for this, reduce backlog, and unlock data trapped in your SAP in this live webinar.

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How to increase visibility across departments, identify inefficiencies, and ensure safety of your people in today’s evolving environment
Organizations depend on SAP for a single source of truth, actionable insights based on data, increased efficiency, and money saved. But an ERP alone can fall short of these benefits, leading to manual processes and difficulty accessing data it captures. Learn how organizations can easily gain and share access to data in SAP, automate and integrate processes that don’t fit SAP or it’s modules, and gain true visibility across the business in this article. Organizations small and large are turning to no-code platforms as a layer on top of SAP – to provide the solutions they need without disrupting the functionality a core system. Read on to learn how your org can, too.

Articles / Case Studies / Videos

SAP & Low-Code: Enabling Flexibility and Agility for Your Central System

How organizations are using low code to solve for common SAP shortfalls.

How PSG Dover Automated Parts Sourcing with Low-code

"With Quickbase we’re certifying more parts faster, with the same number of people, and nothing falls through the cracks." How PSG Dover United automated their entire part sourcing process with low-code.

Quickbase for SCM 1-Pager

A one page synopsis on how Quickbase can help your supply chain achieve greater levels of agility & efficiency.

How to Optimize Your Supply Chain in 2021

Supply chains must perform under more pressure than ever before – responding to global disruption and changing market conditions – while meeting increasing customer demands. Learn how organizations are preparing for the year ahead in this article.

6 Ways Leading Organizations are Revamping Their Supply Chain in 2021

94% of Fortune 1000 companies experienced disruption in their supply chains last year. Uncover the 6 key strategies being used to optimize and improve SCM in 2021.

SCM: 4 Software Requirements to Enable Innovation

When looking for software tools that boost agility and promote innovation, make sure they carry these 4 capabilities.


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