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Highview is a Next – Gen SAP partner. Our mission is to continuously enhance the ways in which SAP customers interact with their customers and suppliers. What started as the only certified SAP EDI cloud solution has grown into so much more. We delivered the world’s first automated supplier solution integrated with S/4HANA Cloud. And now we have co – innovated with SAP to develop VistaChain™. VistaChain is poised to be the connective tissue between every business transaction and the m ost seamless “Blockchain as a Service” (BaaS) solution available. It offers a way for all SAP customer data to be stored on SAP’s Blockchain network for visibility by all business partners.

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Smart B2B solutions start with blockchain. Enhance existing EDI with any trading partner for quick resolution of disputes and add track/traceability to transactions.
Instant and indisputable access to a single source of truth for business data allows everyone to be on the same page, so everyone can move forward together.
Whether upgrading your S/4HANA environment, streamlining integration, or innovating with new B2B functionality, our extensive SAP experience simplifies the process.

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VistaChain™ is forever changing the way that companies interact. Want to learn more?
Highview VP, Mike McKeough, sat down with Arun Samuga, CTO at Elemica, to discuss the relationship between EDI and blockchain, including the possibilities of the combination.

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Stay up to date on Highview, VistaChain, and how blockchain is changing the face of B2B forever, and for the better!
Check out our webinar recoding and hear how Highview is assisting businesses and modernizing EDI with blockchain.

Articles / Case Studies / Videos

Hello Highview: August 2020

Stay up-to-date on Highview, VistaChain, and how blockchain is changing the face of B2B forever, and for the better!

Teaching a New Dog Old Tricks

Working from home has its challenges, but CEO, Mike Kersels, offers his insight to combat those challenges in his latest blog.

VistaChain™ V1.0 by Highview Achieves SAP Co-Innovation Certification

Highview announces that its VistaChain V1.0 solution has achieved SAP® certification, as part of the “Co-Innovated with SAP” program.

VistaChain™: The EDI Sidecar

Much like  enhancing the carrying capacity of a motorcycle, VistaChain  enhances the functionality and usability of old and dated EDI infrastructures with blockchain.


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