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Conexiom is the only purpose-built SaaS automation platform that fully automates digital trade documents into touchless outcomes with 100% data accuracy. Conexiom increases profitability, reduces costs, eliminates data-entry errors, and elevates the customer experience without relying on clients to change their behavior. SAP customers choose Conexiom because we have deep experience, including successful global deployments for some of SAP’s largest distribution and manufacturing customers.

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Sales Order Automation creates 100% accurate, touchless transactions to eliminate the manual processing of commercial documents between buyers and sellers.
With Invoice Automation, AP teams can process invoices with greater speed and accuracy, reallocate resources to value-added activities, and scale without increasing headcount.
Conexiom processes Requests for Quotes (RFQs) at scale to eliminate the need for manual quote creation. By eliminating this manual process, CSRs can focus on higher value-add activities, such as sales and customer service.

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Field Fastener saves thousands of hours per year to re-invest in customer experience by automating their most complex transactions and refocusing their team on higher-value activities. Learn how they do it.
Best-in-class customer service is a key differentiator for distributors who prioritize it. But CSRs are often bogged down with administrative tasks. Learn how to free up your team to grow revenue, cross-sell, and provide a deeper level of service… without adding headcount.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) excels at automating repetitive tasks that involve static data inputs, but it doesn’t self-learn or manage data variability. If you plan on implementing RPA, be prepared to take on significant technical debt.
Sales order processing is a critical part of revenue capture that many companies continue to process manually. However, this process can be swiftly automated to achieve powerful business outcomes.

Articles / Case Studies / Videos

Make Every Sales Order a Digital Order

Sales Order Automation is the fastest path to achieving more digital orders without expecting your customers to change their buying behavior.

Evolving from Ecommerce to Multi-Channel Order Capture

If you're seeking advice on how to transform your ecommerce, these industry experts share their deep expertise on how to evolve in this new customer-centric digital landscape.

How Genpak Saves Thousands of Hours Per Year to Reinvest In Customer Service

Genpack’s CSR team used to spend 80% of their time on order entry and 20% of their time on customers. Now, it’s 80% on customers and 20% on order entry.

Stating the Business Case for Sales Order Automation

Manually processing purchase orders leads to a host of negative effects. Delve into the numbers to see how Sales Order Automation not only lowers costs per order by up to 50%, but how it creates unprecedented efficiencies.

McNaughton-McKay Electric Company

After a frustrating experience using OCR, McNaughton-McKay Electric Company discovered Conexiom and gained peace of mind that sales orders are processed with 100% data accuracy.

Digital Transformation: Start with the Easy Stuff

By making Sales Order Automation the foundation of digital transformation, purchase orders can go from email to shipment in under 15 minutes, which reduces the cost per order by 50-80%.


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