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Founded in 1994 under the name of WMD, xSuite is a software manufacturer of applications for document-based processes. We provide enterprises across the globe with standardized, digital solutions, making work simple, secure and fast. We focus on digital document management and the automation of important work processes — in combination with intelligent e-files. Around 1,200 customers in more than 60 countries have come to rely on xSuite solutions.

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Today’s customers expect rapid, on-target delivery of information. No matter how well-organized a company might be, it will experience immediate benefit from a multichannel mailroom system. Mail receipt becomes easier, sorting and forwarding simpler, and the entire process faster and more transparent. Mailroom digitizes your inbox and automates all that follows.
Error is inherent in manual invoice entry. Also, manual processing is time consuming and potentially frustrating. By eliminating mindless routine tasks, you reduce processing time and increase employee satisfaction, clearing out more time for them to complete the tasks that truly add value.
Speed in processing order entries and debit notes from customers in SAP SD is a precondition for optimal efficiency in order administration. xSuite Orders Cube supports users with workflows for sales-order processing to provide ease in order-based communication. This reduces shipping time and postal delays for documents; and practical functions such as the Sales Document Overview provide for greater transparency and improved overall business plannability.

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WMD was honored to have been selected as their vendor to setup our SAP-integrated solution for them.
Bob sought us out and introduced our xFlow Invoice Solution to his AP Team, who are now leveraging on this automation tool to optimize and streamline their SAP FI & MM (Accounts Payable) daily operations.

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Software manufacturer and workflow specialist to show applications for EIM in Finance & Procurement.
Global software manufacturer unifies external presence, to operate under the name of its established xSuite® range of solutions.

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Quality assurance in software development

Quality assurance (QA for short) is a complex topic and, in a rapidly changing environment such as software development, a real challenge, as well. QA plays an important role at our company, which is why we start the day with discussions about the quality of our coffee, apply the four-eye principle to our blog posts, put our fire protection equipment through regular tests, and never stop improving the work processes in departments and work groups.


Blockchain for P2P Processes?

Since its peak in 2017, the hype surrounding bitcoin has heightened interest in blockchain, the technology behind the cryptocurrency. Numerous academic articles and studies on blockchain have been published over the last few years, and in late 2019, the state of Bavaria decided to promote this technology by establishing the Bavarian Center for BlockChain, or [bc]2. In the light of these developments, we would like to examine whether blockchain technology might be deployed to improve procure-to-pay processes.


The Swiss QR code: A Gentle Introduction to Electronic Invoice Processing

Big changes are currently affecting electronic invoicing in Europe. In EU states, these changes are being made in response to EU Directive 2014/55/EU, which stipulates that all public contracting authorities and entities in the EU must be able to accept and process electronic, machine-readable invoices.


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