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Virtustream, a Dell Technologies business, is the enterprise-class cloud service provider trusted by enterprises worldwide to migrate and run their mission-critical SAP applications in the cloud. For enterprises, service providers and government agencies, Virtustream’s xStreamCare Services expertise provides a personalized, high-touch approach to application and system modernization. Virtustream’s SAP-certified experts are backed by 10+ years of migration and management experience, featuring the completion of over 2,500 SAP migrations to date with 0 production rollbacks. As a result, organizations are assured to achieve the highest levels of availability, performance, security, agility and efficiency in the cloud.

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Simplify cloud operations and streamline day-to-day management with an enterprise-class cloud purpose-built to handle the complexities of mission-critical SAP applications and systems, featuring a 99.999% infrastructure availability SLA.
With Virtustream’s 10+ years of SAP experience, proven processes and certified SAP/Google Cloud talent, your organization can reduce risk, simplify operations and achieve superior service levels when implementing SAP applications, such as SAP S/4HANA, in the Google Cloud.
Run mission-critical SAP applications and systems on Azure with the confidence and simplicity they mandate, backed by Virtustream’s 100+ SAP and Azure certified experts who deliver a personalized, high-touch approach to your digital transformation.

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Transforming to an Intelligent Enterprise swiftly and securely is critical. SAP S/4HANA is the digital core, fortified by a flexible, agile and secure platform, accelerates this transformation. Learn how Dell Technologies’ innovative data management, multi-cloud and as-a-service capabilities can make your journey quicker, more efficient and easier.
Watch this video to discover how Virtustream’s xStreamCare Services for Security and Compliance provide our customers security management and monitoring, on-demand consulting and our innovative Virtustream’s Trust Platform, delivering near real-time visibility into security operations.

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An IDC report, sponsored by Virtustream, details how Virtustream cloud delivers an average ROI of 343% over three years by running mission-critical applications, such as SAP, in the cloud.
A snapshot of the IDC research that shows the business value of running mission-critical applications, such as SAP, in the Virtustream cloud.

Articles / Case Studies / Videos

doTerra Case Study

When dōTERRA’s business began to experience rapid growth, it needed to implement an enterprise SAP e-commerce solution that could scaleup or down according to fluctuating business demands. After selecting Virtustream Enterprise Cloud to deliver their Commerce solution, dōTERRA’s business has more than tripled while becoming the world’s largest SAP Commerce platform running on SAP HANA®.


NIBCO Case Study

Through their existing partnership with Dell EMC, leaders within NIBCO’s IT team were introduced to the SAP experts at Virtustream, who collaboratively worked to help NIBCO build a business case to consider its options. Ultimately, the team at NIBCO chose Virtustream Enterprise Cloud as its solution, offloading the responsibility of its day-to-day SAP operations to the specialists and realizing considerable flexibility, agility and speed of execution.


Moving SAP® Workloads to the Cloud? Three Dos and Don’ts to Guide Your Journey

Many organizations fast-tracked their timelines for moving SAP workloads to the cloud last year in response to the pandemic and the need to support the rapid adoption of remote workforces. Many IT organizations hoped their move to the cloud would be the last mile to better business continuity and improved IT efficiencies. However, there are many aspects to be explored to ensure a smooth and secure journey to the cloud, including cloud expertise, proper advanced planning and system integration.


Choose the Right Partner to Maximize Your Digital Transformation Strategy Blog

Digital transformation has never been more important. In 2020, businesses in every industry accelerated their transformation strategies at a pace that none of us had anticipated. Partly driven by the pandemic’s urgent needs to enable remote workforces overnight, the time to modernize shifted from ‘eventually’ to ‘immediately’ for most organizations. Taking that first real step toward digital transformation, however, can be intimidating. Learn more in this blog that was an important topic at the International SAP Conference for Utilities 2021.


Three Keys to Unlocking Maximum Value and Accelerating Your Cloud Transformation

In the past year, IT transformation challenges have accelerated in new and unprecedented ways, impacting budgets, resources and the ability for organizations to realize the maximum value of their IT investments. Many enterprise organizations looking to maximize their return on investments today believe cloud services and technology can mitigate these transformational hurdles and provide a long-term solution for budgetary constraints. CIOs and other technology leaders are looking for any lever they can pull to accelerate their initiatives and help their teams get more value out of investments in new technologies.


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