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As supply chain experts, we help some of the biggest names reduce operating costs, free up working capital & improve service levels. We educate and empower organizations to use powerful capabilities by optimizing the investment already made in SAP. The result. No spreadsheets, only organizations running world-class supply chains delivering improved performance.

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We enable companies to achieve the return on investment they expected during the original SAP implementation —in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.
Resilience in a business context is not a new concept. An analysis of businesses that have survived and thrived during peaks and troughs will tell you that the ability of an organization to successfully confront the unforeseen has always been a core element of success.
Order Fulfillment & ATP -the ability to control distribution, predict inventory and meet promises—is the foundation for customer excellence.

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We are honored to be helping some of the biggest names reduce operating costs, free up working capital and improve service levels.
Learn about Huntsman’s journey in educating and empowering their global operating teams on how to utilize standard SAP capabilities to improve supply chain efficiencies and performance.

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Set a roadmap to creating a more agile supply chain and a more predictable operational environment.
How organizations running world-class supply chains are delivering business results by optimizing the investments already made in SAP.

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How Campbell’s Soup Saved $53M In Working Capital

Massive savings by leveraging SAP functionality and best practices.       Access Now!


Southco, Inc. Success Story

Improving Capacity Planning & Scheduling Utilizing Standard SAP Functionality


Global Supplier of Test, Simulation & Measurement Systems

The use of SAP to effectively manage an integrated supply chain affecting operating costs, inventory performance and ability to scale efficiently.


Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning DDMRP

Like most things worth achieving, DDMRP is a challenge—a journey—and is well worth it in the end.


Maximizing Production Throughput to Improve Market Shares

Organizations with high throughput levels are perfectly poised to take away market share from lower throughput competitors.


Managing Strategic Source Diversification with SAP

What if We Could Use the Same Material Number Representing the Component (or Finished Good), Regardless of Source?


Top Things We Can Do Now in SAP That Will Make Us an Agile Supply Chain

Learn to build agility be speeding flow of relevant information across the supply chain and the connection between quality master data and realistic plans that are actionable


Can an Agile Supply Chain Can Help Increase Operational Excellence

This discussion focuses on the integration of capacity planning with the production plan the importance of the correct planning strategies to improve the customer experience


Can an Agile Supply Chain Help With Our Digital S/4HANA Journey

Dive in and discuss the challenges, opportunities and the financial payback that may exist depending on where you are in your journey.


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