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As supply chain experts we use our vast experience and proven methods educating and empowering organizations to use powerful capabilities already built in SAP. The result – no spreadsheets, only organizations running world-class supply chains delivering improved performance and business results by optimizing the investments already made in SAP.

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Reveal’s oVo® solution enables organizations to move from using spreadsheets to using standard SAP to improve supply chain planning and execution results.
Leveraged well, S&OP is a critical process to improve profitability, provide exceptional customer service, support innovation, and drive alignment through all operations.
Reveal’s model focused on operational cost savings and freed up capital to help migrate empowered people, effective processes, and optimized data into SAP S/4HANA.

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We are honored to be helping some of the biggest names reduce operating costs, free up working capital and improve service levels.
Learn about Huntsman’s journey in educating and empowering their global operating teams on how to utilize standard SAP capabilities to improve supply chain efficiencies and performance.

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Supply Chain Management, ERP, Platform & Technology
Reveal experts present regular webinars on a wide range of SAP-centric supply chain management topics to help you achieve immediate value with your existing SAP system.
Supply Chain Management, ERP, Platform & Technology
How organizations running world-class supply chains are delivering business results by optimizing the investments already made in SAP.

Articles / Case Studies / Videos

How Campbell’s Soup Saved $53M In Working Capital

Massive savings by leveraging SAP functionality and best practices.   Access Now!

Huntsman Supply Chain Transformation Journey

Established supply chain end-to-end planning inside SAP, integrating core processes across the organization.   Access Now!

Improving supply chain efficiencies and effectiveness

The use of SAP to effectively manage an integrated supply chain affecting operating costs, inventory performance and ability to scale efficiently.    Access Now!

Leverage IBP to Drive Efficiency Throughout Your Supply Chain

Ask yourself just one important question: What would a profit margin of 51% above the industry norm mean to your supply chain?   Access Now!

Utilizing SAP Enterprise Warehouse Management to improve material visibility and efficiencies

EWM takes all the benefits of WM to a whole new robust capabilities level, mapping an entire warehouse complex in detail down to the storage bin areas and more.   Access Now!

What Do You Do Now? When You Find out Your Supply Chain Wasn’t Resilient Enough.

The pandemic has shined a light on the importance and criticality of the supply chain and on the components that need to be in place to keep businesses running.   Access Now!

Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Supply Chain

A tool is only as effective as the craftsman that wields it, when used effectively, it can improve efficiencies, costs and inventory performance providing an improved ROA.   Access Now!

Self-funding your move to S/4HANA

The question of Greenfield (New Implementation) vs Brownfield (Migration) is a constant debate. This is not an IT question but rather a business discussion.   Access Now!

Supply Chain Relief

SAP experts provide advice on how best to tackle the short-term struggles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.   Access Now!


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