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Revelation Software Concepts provides automated SAP change solutions that enable organizations to embrace agile development, DevOps and continuous delivery. For more than 20 years, we have focused on SAP users’ change management challenges, creating tools for faster, safer, cost-effective releases. Our tools – Rev-Trac Platinum, Rev-Trac ONE and Rev-Trac Insights — are built 100% for SAP, giving you the agility to increase change volume with less effort and risk. All solutions are backed by a professional team that has earned a reputation for delivering five-star support to our global customer base.

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Deliver rapid, safe SAP change at low cost using Rev-Trac Platinum, an automated solution that gives complete control and visibility over all SAP changes across all SAP landscapes.
Utilize Rev-Trac Insights for real-time visibility from the transport layer down into ABAP code and objects and act quickly on the data to improve the integrity of SAP landscapes.
Learn how to deliver fast and safe SAP change at considerably low cost across single application, single development systems SAP environments with Rev-Trac ONE.

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See why automating change management is critical to the continuous delivery of SAP change.
Effortlessly manage SAP change for single development system ABAP-based applications to support business objectives quickly.

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Despite what you may have heard agile SAP application development is possible. Read this to discover how to introduce agile development with less risk and scale out to all SAP projects in 5 steps.
Automated SAP change management is a must have for organizations focused on delivering low-risk, rapid SAP change and maximizing business value from their SAP investment.

Articles / Case Studies / Videos

5 Reasons why SAP change intelligence is crucial

The more complex your SAP environment becomes, the more fragile it is. Being able to see inside your SAP systems helps to reduce the risk of BAU and project release delivery incidents.


Target's SAP Agile Transformation

View On-Demand Target’s SAP journey has evolved from waterfall-based development and change management processes to a lean agile-based approach. The IT department has undergone an organizational shift to accountable, autonomous product-focused teams. As a result, Target has aligned resources to prioritize work and ultimately create, test, and manage SAP changes through the entire lifecycle, enabling a rapid sprint-based approach. Automation has played a critical role in the cultural transformation and the pivot to agile development. Rev-Trac – an automated SAP change management platform – has been tailored to support a dynamic set of teams and projects. The automation technology makes a significant contribution to an SAP customer’s shift to SAP DevOps. Rev-Trac’s mature and flexible architecture automatically orchestrates an end-to-end SAP DevOps toolchain, eliminating organizational silos and allowing cross-team collaboration. The software integrates bi-directionally with SAP code checking, impact analysis, and testing solutions for maximized automation of SAP change management activities. Automated error checking for transport sequencing, dependencies, and impact allows SAP IT teams to safely move SAP changes quickly and minimize the risk of applications breaking in production. Join our Webinar to discover:

  • The role of automation in Target’s SAP agile development transformation
  • How Rev-Trac orchestrates the journey to SAP DevOps
  • Why the automated integration with complementary SAP tools is critical for SAP DevOps success


Rev-Trac helps Valero upgrade SAP BW and switch to HANA

To help complete the project within a year, Valero adopted Rev-Trac and saved 1000 man-hours on dual maintenance while managing SAP change across multiple landscapes.


Rev-Trac underpins Hanson’s SAP change management transformation

Discover how Rev-Trac helped Hanson eliminate unchecked SAP changes and enable greater transparency into its transport migrations to meet stringent compliance requirements.


Florida Power & Light switches on Rev-Trac

No longer able to meet business demand with manual change processes, Florida Power & Light deployed Rev-Trac to rapidly increase the volume of SAP change while maintaining production stability.


Get on the fast track to SAP agile and DevOps

An automatic end-to-end platform is crucial to giving organizations the agility to meet constantly changing business demands. Orchestration engines – like Rev-Trac – that set up a unified ALM toolchain increase the likelihood of DevOps success.


How to manage SAP change across an N and N+1 landscape

Managing SAP change in complex environments can be a nightmare. Automating SAP change management allows organizations to effortlessly enforce processes while providing the flexibility crucial to meeting business needs.


Your guide to creating and maintaining a single source of truth

Learn how to integrate technologies and processes into a unified toolchain, establishing a single source of truth to realize the value of your SAP applications and enhancements quickly.


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