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Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. We partner closely with SAP to help our joint customers accelerate their cloud journey.

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Azure runs some of the largest SAP production landscapes in the world, including customers such as Walgreens Boots Alliance, Daimler, and Carlsberg. Microsoft itself has been an SAP customer for nearly three decades. We have migrated our SAP estate to Azure, and our IT organization shares best practices on migrating to Azure so customers can capitalize on these learnings.
More and more customers around the globe run their SAP software on Azure. However, extending the scope of SAP solutions is crucial for companies to get and maintain a competitive advantage. Learn more about Microsoft’s Power Platform and how you can benefit from creating and connecting apps and workflows to your SAP environment. View this session to learn how to: • Combine SAP’s Cloud Platform Extension Suite with Microsoft’s low-code Power Platform • Rapidly build new applications • Automate repetitive tasks • Bring business critical data to employees where they actually need it
For the aspiring intelligent manufacturer, the path to the future starts with an enterprise-ready cloud they can rely on at every stage of the journey. They need a platform that has been proven capable of powering complex industrial operations at global scale, and that delivers the technology underpinnings to reimagine how they do business. Read this whitepaper to learn about how manufacturers can achieve agility, cost savings, and run resilient supply chains by migrating their SAP solutions to the cloud with Microsoft Azure.

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Satya Nadella and Christian Klein discuss how across all industries, digital technologies are helping us overcome constraints on how we live and work. Those technologies help people stay healthy, help organizations adapt, and help the world thrive.
Learn how customers derive critical business insights from their SAP data on Microsoft Azure. Discover new tools & solutions to accelerate migration and strengthen security. Explore how new integration between Microsoft Teams & SAP solutions drive improved collaboration & productivity.

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Microsoft and SAP are partnering to meet the needs of every business. Explore paths to the intelligent enterprise by industry and across innovation in business insights & workplace collaboration.
How SAP and Microsoft are working together to accelerate customer innovation and transformation

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Cloud adoption gathers speed - compelling reasons justify why SAP on Azure is a winner

In this POV authored by  Infosys, Microsoft and SAP, read how Infosys helps enterprises benefit from cloud computing beyond infrastructure, and dive into AI, ML and IOT, with Azure as the preferred cloud.


TM International Logistics gains real-time visibility from the warehouse to the doorstep with IBM, SAP and Microsoft

TM International Logistics Limited (TMILL) worked with IBM Services to deploy SAP S/4HANA on Microsoft Azure to boost efficiency and offer global delivery tracking to consumers and businesses worldwide. They chose Azure as the optimal platform for their real-time analytics environment.


Walgreens Boots Alliance delivers superior customer service with SAP solutions on Azure

Facing a digital transformation and hardware limitations, Walgreens Boots Alliance decided to move 100 terabytes to SAP on Azure. A shift to SAP on Azure was done in just 20 hours, helped provide an improved customer experience, and allowed them to save on operational expenses by decommissioning physical servers.


Supporting growth with SAP HANA migration to Azure

CONA Services increased its agility and performance to handle about 160,000 sales orders a day, worth USD21 billion of net sales annually, by running a 28-terabyte SAP HANA system on Azure.


Coats stays agile and responsive under any conditions with Microsoft solutions

Coats uses Azure to manage its supply chain and streamline processes. In response to the pandemic, Coats, running SAP HANA on Azure, used its agile system to respond quickly to factory closures, redirect resources, and work with suppliers to produce essential PPE equipment.


SAP IT lifts its business-critical landscapes to the Azure cloud platform for scalable flexibility

Trusted by other Fortune 500 companies around the world, leading enterprise resource planning software provider SAP offers its software for on-premises or cloud environments, including its own converged cloud using a hyperscaler infrastructure. When the company’s IT department wanted to move its critical internal business systems to the cloud, it assessed the major hyperscalers. Microsoft Azure offered the level of security, flexibility, and scalability that SAP needed to optimize its global business. Since beginning its migration, SAP IT is realizing the agility and security boosts that it sought, in addition to saving about 10 percent of its former on-premises operating costs.


Chobani grows a culture of innovation, fast business development by moving to SAP on Azure

Food maker Chobani grew quickly and needed an IT environment that could keep up with future growth and changes. The company chose to implement SAP S/4HANA and other SAP applications on Microsoft Azure. With assistance from its current support partner Khoj Information Technology, Chobani continues to enhance a high-availability environment using the latest technologies like SUSE Pacemaker Clusters and Azure Site Recovery. The company now has a unified environment, better uptime, and instant scaling—all which will help the company operate more smoothly and analyze data to make fast, innovative business decisions.


ServiceNow gains business scalability, speeds

ServiceNow wants to make work easier and more efficient for its customers through its software as a service (SaaS) workflow platform. To maximize the value it can deliver, ServiceNow moved its business-critical SAP estate—including 50 essential applications, more than 10 SAP landscapes, 50 database instances, and over 50 terabytes of storage—and other IT assets to Microsoft Azure. ServiceNow relies on the high level of security that Azure provides, along with the scalability and agility that a rapidly growing company needs to expand. Benefits of the migration include an 80 percent reduction in deployment cycle time, an improved service-level agreement, better disaster protection, improved SAP application performance, and a 40 percent reduction in TCO.


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