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Magnitude empowers the data-driven enterprise with solutions that make harnessing your data to run your business faster and more efficient, with powerful automation, deep integration and business insights. Simplify work by integrating drag-and-drop ERP data management and advanced task automation using familiar apps like Excel. Transform complex data landscapes with solutions to easily connect and manage data between SAP, Oracle, and third-party systems. And unlock the power of your data with an intelligent operational analytics and process mining platform that provides pre-programmed, self-service business analytics templates, letting you transform data into insights and insights into action.

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Make SAP data management easier than ever – upload and download data between SAP and Excel – without writing a single line of code.
Empower SAP finance users to automate everyday business processes and improve productivity with a tool they already know – without IT involvement.
Transform SAP data into actionable insights – empower your business with self-service analytics to provide understanding and transparency across your SAP value chain

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Learn how Magnitude Process Runner empowers SAP users with no-code transaction automation and powerful data management right from Microsoft Excel.
Learn why Process Runner GLSU is the go-to solution for finance departments of premier global companies

Featured Content

This whitepaper shares practical insights on how you can gain more value from your transition to S/4HANA.
Watch this webinar to learn how to put the power of process automation into the hands of your SAP Finance team and cut days off month-end close.

Articles / Case Studies / Videos

Guide to Modernizing Operational Reporting & Strategic Analytics in the SAP-Run Enterprise

Modern enterprise applications are generating, gathering, and storing more information than ever before. Your ERP system alone produces data at an astounding rate because it contains all the data you need to manage your core business activities...

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Streamline SAP Business Processes with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The Magnitude Process Runner RPA Tool Set for SAP relieves human operators from the need to perform repetitive and error-prone tasks. This technology increases efficiency and accuracy, and improves business outcomes while also freeing staff up for more value-added work.  


Case Study: Automating financial processes for weekly payroll uploads

Learn how utilizing an Excel-based solution for payroll uploads delivered great time savings and eliminated errors at Fender.

Find other insightful content from Magnitude on their Vendor Showcase.

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Gaining Control in a Turbulent World: The Case for Supply Chain Control Towers

In a world of exponential complexity and constant change, the need for control is greater than ever.


Out-of-the-box process mining for SAP

To improve your business in this environment, data that shows you how the business is running, including its hidden paths and inefficiencies is critical.


Preparing for Central Finance

Customers are looking to simplify, integrate, and consolidate financial processes, and Central Finance is becoming a popular strategy for achieving that goal.


Video: How to Address Third Party Data Requirements in SAP Central Finance

Examine the complexities of building a solution for Central Finance and access expert advice for enabling agile, intelligent finance operations.

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Webinar: The Journey to Standardizing and Improving your Financial Uploading Processes

Seeking new strategies to automate and streamline everyday financial data entry tasks?  Hear how Newell Brands and Kellogg’s leverage Excel to improve data entry processes.

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Webinar: Winning at Supply Chain Management from The Comfort of Home

In this webinar, hear from Ted Shingleton, a Senior Account Executive at Innowera and a notable supply chain improvement specialist, will outline the basics of what it takes to effectively manage your SAP Supply Chain Data and win at supply chain management from the comfort of home. This session is intended for individuals from all size organizations, who manage and use the SAP Platform to execute business critical ERP functions. The Coronavirus pandemic has required businesses to rapidly shift gears, disrupted established supply chains, caused massive issues in order fulfillment, brought industries to a full stop and all too often prevented supply chain-focused employees from carrying out their jobs. Discussion in this session will highlight productive remote work requirements and best practices to help you better understand the key considerations and capabilities needed to get remote work done, such as:

  • Automated Workflow
  • Remote and Automated Approval
  • Business Controls and Compliance Features
  • Scheduler
  • Remote Identity and Access Capabilities
  • Substitute User
  • Extensive Library of Easy-To-Use Templates
  • Auto Re assignment
  • Run in Chain…
Do not miss this informative session that will enable you with ideas on how to effectively manage your SAP Supply Chain with agility in the age of a remote work-base. Key Takeaways:
  • Impact of CV19 on Supply Chain Data Management - Trends
  • Areas of Increased Focus and Priority of Technology Spend
  • The 5 Big Supply Chain Challenges
  • 5 Key Principals Necessary for a Higher Level of Preparedness
In these unusual and challenging times, Process Runner from Innowera can help your enterprise be more agile and better able to respond to rapidly evolving situations quickly, while fully supporting your supply chain team members wherever they are working. Our products are designed to improve productivity, enhance and streamline processes, improve data quality and compliance, boost capacity, reduce downstream errors and minimize business risks.

Find other insightful content from Magnitude on their Vendor Showcase.

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