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GIB believes every SAP customer should achieve supply chain optimization. That’s an ambitious goal, and we have the solutions to fulfill that mission. We are the only certified SAP partner that delivers out-of-the-box supply chain solutions that run inside of SAP ECC and S/4 HANA. Our solutions scale up to meet the complex requirements of the largest companies in the world, and scale down to meet the budgetary constraints of all SAP customers. With more than 600 customers in 20+ countries, you can trust that GIB will extend and enhance your SAP ERP system to deliver the supply chain performance your customers and stakeholders demand.

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Supply Chain Excellence. The Next generation of GIB solutions optimized for S4 Hana. SCX uses the underlying basis of intelligent process indicators to help you identify which process section you should urgently intervene in. The suite offers all relevant strategic planning and operative control options along the whole process chain. Thus, the GIB software perfects the interaction of management, planning and control. See a brief overview here.
GIB Suite Forecast provides 16 advanced forecast models for accurate forecast, higher service levels and less inventory investment. The 12 error and tracking signal measures uses an automated process that allows task managers to focus on exceptions only, thus increasing productivity. Consensus planning and extensive performance measures allow for planning from one central system for proactive and reactive analysis. Learn more about GIB Suite Forecasting features and functions here.
GIB Suite Operations enables greater visibility and lowers material cost through 25+ SAP transactions consolidated into one central hub. Productive alerting reduces time and effort to focus attention on stockouts and overstocks before they occur. Increased information creates the potential for visibility of supply and demand changes in real time. The more efficient system of materials management enables more top line growth without new headcount. Learn more about GIB Suite Operations here.

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Discover GIB. Find out who we are, who we serve and what makes us different. Our commitment to improving our clients overall supply chain infrastructure has given us a position as a solidified value add business solution for clients large and small. Find our more of who are here.
The GIB Suite of advanced supply chain tools solves the challenge of optimizing supply chain performance inside of SAP. GIB delivers easy to implement, powerful solutions to forecast demand, balance inventory, plan production, and better manage the MRP and procurement processes. As an SAP-certified add-on for ECC and S4/HANA, there are no interfaces or investment in additional hardware needed. The GIB Suite installs into SAP via the standard SAP transport process. Once installed, GIB extends and enhances the capabilities of SAP, working in perfect harmony with standard SAP processes to create an optimal environment to transact, record, plan and optimize your supply chain.

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Dana Incorporated is an American supplier to the light, commercial, and off-highway vehicle industry. The company’s products and services are aimed at the light vehicle, commercial vehicle, and off-highway equipment markets. Brent Cantrell, Forecasting Analyst talks about their demand planning challenges and how they used GIB to achieve dramatic improvements in forecast accuracy service levels.
Ram Tool Construction Supply Co., based in Birmingham, AL, is a second generation female owned and lead organization with 43 locations that provides construction supplies to general contractors, subcontractors, electricians, welders, plumbers. Director of Purchasing, Kyle Loafman speaks on the challenging tasks coming into his role within this department, the decisions that went into their GIB purchase, and decisive factors that ultimately lead to them choosing GIB.

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Achieve Inventory Optimization inside SAP

Until recently, there have been roadblocks to discrete optimization due to the amount of computing power required as well as the cost of discrete optimization engines that usually reside outside of core ERP. Fortunately for SAP customers, there is an affordable, easy-to-implement answer: GIB.

How to Build a Strong Business Case for Your Supply Chain Technology Investment, Part 1

"Supply Chain technology projects are as much about business process and organizational readiness as they are about technology." In part one we outline the approach, construct and key attributes around building a business case to support supply chain technology investments.

Nature’s Way Boosts Supply Chain Performance with Easy, Affordable Tools

"Our partnership with GIB has enabled Nature’s Way to double the size of our operations without costly increases to our staff, hardware or other resources. The benefits of these supply chain tools have been felt throughout the company, from our production lines to our warehouses to our purchasing team.” Jean Treml, Materials Director, Nature’s Way

Blanco Professional: A GIB Success Story

BLANCO Professional, System Provider in the B2B Sector for Commercial Kitchens and Supplier to Industry, Optimizes Supply Chain Processes in Its Three Business Divisions with a Holistic, SAP-Certified Software Solution.

A GIB Success Story: Reichle & De-Massari AG (R&M)

Reichle & De-Massari AG (R&M) has been one of the world's leading providers of cabling and connectivity solutions for high-end communication networks since 1964. The objective was to achieve transparency with regard to the planning situation and easy rollout for new plants. This report exhibits the results.

How to Build a Strong Business Case for Your Supply Chain Technology, Part 2

Include here. In part two we will dive into the details of a sound business case that will compel action from the decision makers.


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