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The Fastpath Assure® audit platform can track, review, approve and mitigate access risks across multiple systems from a single dashboard. The suite comes with a pre-configured segregation of duties rule set specific to SAP and works across a variety of ERP/CRM systems. The suite includes multiple modules, including: • Segregation of Duties/Security Access Reviews • Audit Trail • Identity Manager • Custom Code Checker (to identify changes to custom SAP code) • Approval workflows and “Firefighter Access” to automate security for temporary or emergency access • Quantification (quantify the financial exposure of segregation of duties conflicts in your SAP environment)

Fastpath Assure®

Access Control and Change Management for SAP: Custom Code Checker identifies if custom programs call any SAP standard objects to determine if there is indirect, unintended access being granted to users.
Approval workflows and “Firefighter Access” automates security for temporary or emergency access, which improves access requests in SAP with start/end date automation and comprehensive reporting.
Comprehensive audit solutions that automate and simplify risk analysis and efficient managing of SoD and SOX compliance helps to remove the worry about internal controls and financial reporting.

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Code Checker searches SAP line by line, identifying specified objects and identifies if these custom programs call any SAP standard objects to determine if there’s unintended access being granted to users
See how SAP admins expose your company to accidental/intentional fraud through mistakes made by security teams when setting up roles, assigning debugger access in Prod, or using custom tables to gain access

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eBook: Things That Go Bump in the Night: What Your SAP Admins May Be Up To When You’re Not Looking

Discover how SAP admins expose your company to fraud, and review mistakes made by security teams when setting up roles, assigning debugger access in Production, and the use of custom tables to gain access.
Failure to adequately understand and mitigate the risk of access rights violations across applications can leave a company open to data theft, SoD violations, and exposure to legal and regulatory action.

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How To Manage ITGCs With The Fastpath Assure SAP Custom Code Checker

Have you ever looked for a less labor-intensive way to manage IT General Controls (ITGC)? Fastpath provides an alternative to the manual approach with their SoD analysis platform which interrogates your SAP environment line by line. The Fastpath Assure SAP Custom Code Checker was developed with one thought in mind: ensure customers are able to establish complete and accurate rulesets for their SAP instances.Watch A Brief Demo Of The SAP Custom Code Checker Now!

Successful Cross-Application Security with SAP and More - Approaches to Better Understand Who Owns What in Controls

As business software continues to evolve, companies are putting more of their information in the cloud, while also retaining some business critical applications on-premise, creating a "hybrid" environment. This creates the issue of understanding who owns what when it comes to security and access controls for these integrated hybrid environments.Hear SAPinsider analyst, Robert Holland, and the SAP security and audit experts from Fastpath for a Q&A session to discuss the black and white lines around controls and explore the gray areas where many companies struggle to understand who has responsibility for securing their information.Get answers to these pivotal questions: • My auditor is asking about the non-SAP systems in my landscape — what do I do? • We acquire companies often, and sometimes these companies have SAP, Oracle, and NetSuite. Is there an easy way to gain access to these systems to analyze risk? • We currently have SAP GRC and we would like to compare our GRC results to another 3rd party software. Is there a way to compare SAP access to a 3rd party by utilizing our GRC environment?


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