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  1. Digitally Transforming Operations with AI

  2. New Business Models In An Ever-Changing Global Tax Landscape


  1. Signavio

    Today, many companies are facing the challenge of constant change or even reinvention, dictated by the requirements of the market. Whether it’s because of new technology, changing regulations, or even changes in institutional knowledge, many companies are considering what direction they need to go for long-term success. It’s the responsibility of business leaders who understand their company’s’ processes to find the right path forward. This is why Signavio was created; to serve as a signpost for workflows, processes, and decisions. Signavio Business Transformation Suite, a cloud-based software for intersectional collaborative process and decision management, offers companies a way to orient themselves in times of constant change.

  2. Modernize your SAP landscape with Red Hat and Intel

    Organizations are digitally transforming to take advantage of growth opportunities in new markets, adapt to evolving customer behaviors and preferences, and combat increased competitive pressure. As a result, modernizing infrastructure with increased agility, flexibility, manageability, and security is a top long-term goal for 49% of organizations. Technologies like containers, microservices, and cloud infrastructure support these…
  3. Use Case: SAP Analytics Cloud as a driver for BI in SMEs

    At Dr. Schumacher (manufacturer of disinfection products), the sales reporting was rebuilt with SAP Analytics Cloud. Sales representatives can now easily access it on the go. (PDF download, German)… This content is available to General Members. Sign In Become a Member... This content is available to General Members. Sign In Become a Member
  4. Use Case: Process optimization with SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting (FI-RA) for IFRS 15

    Find out how SAP FI-RA was integrated at the automotive supplier ETAS in compliance with the requirements of the International Financial Reporting Standard 15 (IFRS 15). (PDF download, German)
  5. Use Case: Real-time reporting thanks to a new SAP HANA database in the MRO sector

    In order to increase reaction and implementation speeds in international overhaul business and in material logistics, Lufthansa Technik has migrated its BI system to SAP HANA. The project:
  6. Use Case: A centralized IT system for a huge container shipping line

    Hamburg Süd launched the GLOBE program aimed at transforming its entire process and IT environment. The company’s IT underwent a complete overhaul to ensure GLOBE was a success. The challenges:
  7. Use Case: Packaging specialist Knüppel switches from SAP R/3 to SAP S/4HANA

    Over the years, Knüppel’s R/3 with its connected BW had developed into a complex, heterogeneous system landscape that could no longer keep pace with growing requirements. The switch to S/4HANA: