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  1. 3 Proven Ways to Drive New Value from Your SAP Investments in the Cloud

    By Christoph Streubert and Chris Grudzinski

  2. cloud

    SAP Digital Transformation: Key Considerations for Building Your RISE with SAP Solution

    By Frank Powell


  1. accenture

    Accenture and SAP combine people, technology and industry excellence to take enterprise transformation to the next level. Together, we create powerful change, and accelerate the path to value for our clients. We have a more than 40-year relationship and go-to-market collaboration on SAP S/4HANA, SAP C/4HANA, sustainability, Industry X, SAP Industry Clouds and SAP Business Technology Platform. We work with SAP from product innovation, to development and delivery of industry-specific solutions. More than 70,000 SAP practitioners bring unmatched global expertise across the full SAP portfolio and intelligent technologies such as applied analytics, big data, IoT, machine learning, blockchain and cloud.

  2. AI/ML for Supply Chain and Manufacturing

    Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) hold the key to gaining a competitive edge now and staying competitive going forward. This SAPInsider webinar will preview our report findings and will provide specific insights about the progress SAP customers have made in adopting AI platforms and implementing AI-based applications in the supply chain or industrial…
  3. Ask the Experts: Introducing SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) 4.3

    SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 represents the latest major release of the analytics industry’s leading platform for scalable enterprise reporting. SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 is designed to help enhance and build upon the mission-critical on-premise use cases that it supports today as well as to leverage its universes, documents, and assets in conjunction with the BI…
  4. Drive Agile Innovation and Extend SAP Success Factors with SAP Cloud Platform

    Are you new to the cloud? Are you looking to maximize your ROI? Are you hoping to build your processes in the cloud? In all of these cases, you’ll benefit from creating an agile and responsive workforce by leveraging SAP Cloud Platform for human resources to build your intelligent enterprise.
  5. How to Apply AI and Machine Learning to Identify Hidden Patterns and Trends in Your Data

    Innovation today is being driven by the insights locked away in the data that you collect. Over the past decade, the explosion of data types has made managing data increasingly fragmented and expensive; and it has resulted in organizations amassing huge stores of data in the hopes of unlocking the value hidden within. However, often…
  6. Research Preview: Measuring the Value of Finance in the Cloud

    Finance organizations continue to assess the viability of the cloud to house their respective software and solutions. As such, SAPinsider is conducting research evaluating the value of accounting and finance in the cloud as it pertains to: collaboration and workflow efficiency across the enterprise. Operational and capital expenses cost-savings. Agile scalablity to keep pace with…
  7. How Savencia Optimizes Labeling in SAP to Boost Supply Chain Efficiency and Traceability

    Savencia Cheese USA, the US subsidiary of Savencia Fromage Dairy; a $5.2B global market leader in specialty cheeses; relies on a powerful web-based labeling solution that is integrated with its SAP system. The labeling solution ensures data accuracy, meets evolving customer and regulatory requirements, and quickens the time to market across its supply chain. Key…
  8. Discovery, Inc. Strengthens Its Controls for Critical Close Processes

    Rapid growth poses significant challenges for accounting and finance operations, whether in the form of handling new users, integrating different technologies across organizations or geographies, or keeping nimble in financial close processes. As businesses scale, automation can smooth out processes and give finance organizations confidence that their operations are reliable and efficient.
  9. From APO to IBP: State of the Market on Supply Chain Planning

    Supply chain planning is an integral part of a business operations and to remain competitive, supply chain managers walk a tightrope as they strive to achieve the exact balance between demand for product and the amount of inventory that they must fulfill this demand. This SAPinsider webinar will preview benchmark report findings and share the…
  10. Geo-Enable Your Intelligent Enterprise with SAP HANA Geospatial Capabilities

    Building a data foundation is essential for SAP customers to drive innovation. Hear from industry experts about key trends that are reshaping the way successful companies use their data; from translytics to spatial analysis to machine learning to security to whatever else should be keeping you up at night.