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  1. Video Q&A: Dr. Steve Hunt discusses the post-COVID return to the office

  2. David Maloney image

    Video Q&A: Dave Maloney Provides an Overview of the SAP Business Technology Platform

    By David Maloney

  3. Video Q&A : Wolfgang Epting shares strategic insights on Data Management best practices


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    Operational Excellence: Achieving S&OP Success

    The majority of companies that have implemented S&OP do not have a fully mature process in place, leaving gaps between a company’s current S&OP process and what is possible. Many report they are “going through the motions,” lack executive support, struggle with end-to-end integration of their supply chains, and continue to operate in functional silos. Arguably, the biggest…
  2. Live from SAPinsider Studio: Clemens Praendl on SAP Cloud for Analytics

    Clemens Praendl, SAP Senior Vice President and General Manager, Analytics, joins SAPinsider Studio at Reporting & Analytics 2015 to discuss the business value cycle in the context of SAP Cloud for Analytics. This is an edited transcript of the discussion. Ken Murphy, SAPinsider: Hi this is Ken Murphy with SAPinsider and I am here at…...…
  3. Live from SAPinsider Studio: Blair Wheadon on SAP Design Studio 1.6

    Blair Wheadon, General Manager, Data Discovery, SAP, joins SAPinsider Studio during the 2015 SAPinsider Reporting & Analytics event in Las Vegas to discuss SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.6 and SAP Cloud for Analytics. This is an edited transcript of the discussion: Ken Murphy, SAPinsider: Hi, this is Ken Murphy with SAPinsider. I am here at…...…
  4. A Conversation With Robb Neuenschwander: Lead Technical Architect at Target

    As the Lead Technical Architect for Target, the second largest retailer in the U.S. with an international presence, Robb Neuenschwander is tasked with managing and optimizing a vast and complex infrastructure. In this video, he explains how Hitachi and SAP HANA have helped Target face some of their biggest IT challenges, and scale to meet…...…
  5. Live from SAPinsider Studio: JMC Steel on SAP BusinessObjects Analysis

    JMC Steel’s Kalyan Boggavarapu, BI Lead, and Kerry McGuigan, Director of Finance, visit with SAPinsider Studio during the 2015 Reporting & Analytics conference in Las Vegas to discuss the company’s move from SAP Business Explorer (BEx) to SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office. This is an edited transcript of the discussion: Ken Murphy, SAPinsider:…...…