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  1. Demand for Diverse Perspectives: Women Leaders in SAP and Tech

  2. Case Study: Alphabet’s SAP on Google Cloud Journey-Experiences and Innovations

  3. End-to-End Security Strategies for SAP S/4HANA


  1. operational excellence image

    Operational Excellence: Achieving S&OP Success

    The migration to HANA gives companies the opportunity to move their SAP environment to AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. Moving SAP to the cloud promises to improve operations, offer better security, and reduce costs, but to experience significant cost reductions, the cloud size needs to change dynamically based on the systems’ actual performance and…
  2. Case Study: Migrating a Large U. S. Federal Enterprise System to the Cloud

    Gain insights from the migration of the Department of the Interior’s Financial and Business Management System (FBMS) from government data center hosting to cloud-based hosting, including: - Benefits: Those hoped for and those actually achieved - Obstacles: Those anticipated and those that were surprises - What we learned on the journey This content is available…
  3. Case Study: How Newcastle University Developed an Annual, All-SAP System Patching Program to Optimize and Gain Maximum Value from Its SAP Investments

    Gain an overview of Newcastle University’s all-SAP system annual patching program: - What’s included and excluded; - How third-party systems are handled; - Organizing the scope and providing governance to the project; - Communicating our intentions to the business; - Pros and cons of patching the way we run it; - Organizing quality testing and…
  4. Case Study: Install or Upgrade? Lessons from the Path Cintas Is Planning Toward SAP Solution Manager 7.2

    Gain an overview of Cintas and its SAP Solution Manager footprint: - The evolution of SAP Solution Manager from 7.1 to 7.2 - Cintas’ approach to discovering SAP Solution Manager 7.2 functionality - Impact of the upgrade on Cintas’ SAP Solution Manager utilization - Upgrade timelines This content is available to Premium Members. Sign In…
  5. How to Achieve Fully Automated System Refreshes

    Learn about strategies and best practices when refreshing S/4HANA and Suite on HANA systems. Gain key learnings and professional tips into implementing or migrating to the new HANA platform. Overall, refreshes are becoming more standardized, thus increasing the degree of automation possible. Access insights on: - Basics of System Refresh Automation - System Refreshes in…
  6. Best Practices for Designing, Developing, and Testing to Ensure Optimum System Scalability and Performance

    This session examines the most critical concepts, related to software performance, to keep in mind during the design, development, and testing phases of your development projects. Attend to: - Identify the most common pitfalls in development projects that lead to poor system performance, and get tips to avoid or overcome them - Discuss key principles…