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  1. Working with the Data Monitor in SAP S/4HANA Finance for Group Reporting

    By Dr. Marco Sisfontes-Monge

  2. data connected city

    An Introduction to DataOps: A New Approach to Acting on Large Volumes of Information Faster and More Effectively

  3. Are You Ready for SAP S/4HANA? The Time Is Now

    Are You Ready for SAP S/4HANA? The Time Is Now


  1. operational excellence image

    Operational Excellence: Achieving S&OP Success

    The majority of companies that have implemented S&OP do not have a fully mature process in place, leaving gaps between a company’s current S&OP process and what is possible. Many report they are “going through the motions,” lack executive support, struggle with end-to-end integration of their supply chains, and continue to operate in functional silos. Arguably, the biggest…
  2. Amy Wilson image

    How SAP SuccessFactors Brings the X-Factor to Human Capital Management

    Two years ago, SAP introduced the concept of human experience management (HXM), which focuses on putting people at the center of business. Amy Wilson, SVP Products and Design at SAP SuccessFactors, observes that “HXM allows us to recognize that people are more than just assets. They have the power to elevate or sink any sort…

    SAPPHIRE NOW Human Resources Day Focuses on Employee Experience

    By Craig Powers, Research Analyst, SAPinsider If you’ve ever been to Orlando for an in-person SAPPHIRE NOW event, you’ve experienced an intense week of meetings, sessions, major announcements, networking, and for many, a reunion. This experience has been greatly changed by the virtual nature of this year’s event, and while the usual way of engaging…
  4. Harnessing Change to Drive Business Advantage — Every Time

    The naturalist Charles Darwin wrote, “It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.” This is a viewpoint shared by his namesake, Darwin Deano, Global SAP Offering Leader at Deloitte Consulting LLP, who believes that organizations that can adapt and change will be the most successful…
  5. shifting focus image

    SAPinsiders Shift Focus

    Activity and interest in SAP S/4HANA are accelerating as companies reinvigorate their investments in SAP and overall technology. This conclusion continues to be reenforced across all of SAPinsider’s 2021 research. Our findings show that actual implementations are increasing over the past year. Companies are now leaving the evaluation phase and beginning their projects. This year’s…
  6. finance transformation for sap customers image

    SAP Customer Journeys Lead to Finance Transformation

    The drive to transform finance with SAP S/4HANA can stem from several factors — the need to standardize processes, mergers and acquisitions activity, a growing global landscape, or a combination of these dynamics pulling on the enterprise. It’s a journey that goes beyond technology and requires the human element for success. During SAPinsider’s March 2020…
  7. Impact of E-commerce on Warehousing Strategy

    by Kumar Singh, Research Director, Automation & Analytics, Supply Chain Management, SAPinsider   E-commerce was destined to grow significantly even before the pandemic but the advent of pandemic has accelerated the growth. Such was the boom in e-commerce during this pandemic that even some of the struggling e-commerce companies, are doing good business. The current…
  8. Mitigating Bullwhip Effect Through Supply Chain Visibility

    By Kumar Singh, Research Director, Automation & Analytics, SAPinsider Bullwhip is back in limelight When the pandemic made the demand for certain products skyrocket, we started hearing the term “bullwhip effect” a lot. But bullwhip effect has existed in supply chains for decades. The fact is, the technology to address this has existed for few…
  9. Reducing Supply Chain Complexity Through Integrated Labeling

    by Kumar Singh, Research Director, Automation & Analytics, Supply Chain Management, SAPinsider Supply chain disruptions are on the rise and one of many key reasons is the ever-increasing complexity of global supply chains. Complex SKU portfolios, scattered global manufacturing and distribution footprint, evolving customer segments, omnichannel, these are some of the examples of the factors that…
  10. Criticality of Data Management & Process Automation in SAP Ecosystem

    by Kumar Singh, Research Director, Automation & Analytics, Supply Chain Management, SAPinsider   Taming the complexity of SAP Business Process Management There is no doubt that SAP technologies, whether it is SAP  ECC or S/4HANA ERP or other SAP products, are complex systems. If you are familiar with SAP ERP systems, you know the complexities of…