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  1. Working with the Data Monitor in SAP S/4HANA Finance for Group Reporting

    By Dr. Marco Sisfontes-Monge

  2. data connected city

    An Introduction to DataOps: A New Approach to Acting on Large Volumes of Information Faster and More Effectively

  3. Are You Ready for SAP S/4HANA? The Time Is Now

    Are You Ready for SAP S/4HANA? The Time Is Now


  1. Rackspace Technology

    Rackspace Technology is a leading end-to-end multi-cloud technology services company. We can design, build and operate our customers’ cloud environments across all major technology platforms, irrespective of technology stack or deployment model. We partner with our customers at every stage of their cloud journey, enabling them to modernize applications, build new products and adopt innovative technologies.

  2. Prepare Your R/3 System Now for the International Accounting Standards Deadline

    Impending deadlines for compliance with the International Accounting Standards (IAS) will require hard work on the part of many accountants and R/3 specialists. The problem posed by IAS is that, in most cases, two or more sets of figures have to be managed because of the differences among IAS, US GAAP, and national fiscal reporting…....…
  3. Build Custom Java iViews for SAP Data Using Eclipse: A Guide for Developers and Implementation Teams

    iViews provide integrated views of business information in the mySAP Enterprise Portal. You can use one of SAP’s prebuilt iViews or you can build customized iViews to meet your users’ unique needs. As SAP continues to move the mySAP Enterprise Portal toward a pure J2EE-based environment, the importance of building custom iViews in Java will…...…
  4. 22 Ways to Improve BW Back-End Performance

    You have three key areas where you can boost BW performance on the back-end: the collection and extraction layer, the transformation layer, and the staging and storage layer. The author provides speed-up tips in all three of these areas.   Performance tuning of the BW back-end — the data model design and data flow across…...…
  5. Ask the BW Expert: How Do I Know if the New SAP BW 3.1 Content Release is Worthwhile for Me?

    The 3.1 content release offers a wide range of new business content for SAP and third-party applications. Here, the author outlines what’s new in this release by SAP application, industry, and third-party application.   The SAP BW 3.1 Content Release, available since last December, offers new Business Content for a range of solutions including mySAP…...…
  6. Enhancing DataSources in Standard Business Content to Suit Your Needs

    Sometimes the SAP-delivered Business Content does not map exactly to your requirements and you must modify it. This article explains how to add a field to an existing DataSource.   One of BW’s biggest strengths is the amount of standard Business Content that is delivered with it. Business Content includes DataSources, InfoObjects, data targets, and…...…
  7. Update Was Terminated: What Every FI/CO User Should Know About This Error Message

    SAP/FinancialsHave you ever seen the message, Update was terminated, and wondered what it meant? Here’s a more worrisome question: Do Your FI users know what to do when they see this message? Have you ever seen the message, Update was terminated, and wondered what it meant? Here’s a more worrisome question: Do your FI users…...…
  8. Find the Hidden Condition Technique in CO-PA and Fine-Tune Your Profitability Analysis

    The CO-PA module has an “if…then” way to say when you want or don’t want certain kinds of revenues and costs calculated and posted (i.e., SAP’s condition technique). It is called “valuation with costing sheet.” Have you ever wished that the CO-PA module had an “if … then” way to say when you want or…...…
  9. Improve the Integrity of Your Electronic Bank Statement Uploads with Search Strings

    A little-known process called “search strings” helps increase the percentage of electronic bank statements (EBS) that post correctly through the upload process. The author illustrates the process by showing how you can use search strings when a single Bank Administration Institute (BAI) code represents two different business transactions for a single bank. The benefits companies…...…
  10. Ask the FI/CO Expert: Even in Release 4.6, Your End Users’ Choice of an A/R Posting Key Has a Surprising Impact on Standard Reports Such as the “Customer Analysis” Net Sales Columns

    A hidden relationship between the data entry field called “posting key” and several R/3 standard reports can affect sales or payment data. Key Concept     Dear FI/CO Expert, Our company offers some of our customers a rebate if their net sales for the year (sales order billings, less any product returns or credit memo…...…