Transform Your Business With Integrated Planning

Transform Your Business With Integrated Planning

This interactive session provides an in-depth examination of the planning modules in SAP Integrated Business Planning — including demand planning, inventory optimization, supply and response, sales and operations planning (S&OP), and control tower — and highlights key decisions and guidelines surrounding module selection, implementation, and business process design.

Attend this session and through lecture, demonstration, use case examples, and interactive exercises, you will come away with an understanding of:

- What each planning module can and can’t do and how each fits into your SAP architecture and existing supply chain processes
- The capabilities and requirements of Demand, Inventory, Supply and response, S&OP, and Control tower, and an assessment of the
- Architectural and performance strengths and limitations of each
- Key criteria to map the various planning modules to supply chain projects and requirements
- Which planning tools complement each other and can be used in conjunction, including tips to exploit key integration points
- How SAP Integrated Business Planning can support and work together with SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization

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