Security has always been important for SAP applications, but this has historically been primarily focused on access and process control for applications. With the focus on moving enterprise applications into the cloud space, overall security is becoming more and more critical, as is compliance to various government regulations and standards. Content in this topic area will focus on ensuring that SAP systems are secure from both internal and external security threats, as well as what organizations need to do to prepare systems for potential cybersecurity attacks. It will additionally cover compliance topics, the impact of different compliance regulations, and what steps SAPinsiders need to take to ensure that their applications and data meet these requirements.


  1. Female IT professional

    SAP Announces It Is Addressing Cyber Security Gaps in Multiple Cloud Solutions

  2. Impact of Cloud and SAP HANA on Enterprise Security Strategy Benchmark Report

  3. Insights for Evaluating, Identifying, and Executing Cybersecurity for Your SAP Systems


  1. Lookout

    Lookout is an integrated endpoint-to-cloud security company. Our mission is to secure and empower our digital future in a privacy-focused world where mobility and cloud are essential to all we do for work and play. We enable consumers and employees to protect their data, and to securely stay connected without violating their privacy and trust. Lookout is trusted by millions of consumers, the largest enterprises and government agencies, and partners such as AT&T, Verizon, Vodafone, Microsoft, Google, and Apple.

  2. How Microsoft utilizes Azure & Zero Trust Security for SAP

    In this session we will be covering how Microsoft has adopted a Zero Trust security architecture for SAP deployments, enabling Azure networking, identity access management and monitoring.
  3. Expert Q&A: The Importance of Integrating Cybersecurity and Enterprise Risk Management

    As security professionals are all too aware, cyber threats have become dramatically more visible to many organizations in the last couple of years. And risks have proliferated across the enterprise. Gabriele Fiata, head of enterprise risk management and innovation at SAP, recently sat down with SAPinsider to share his thoughts on the common mistakes that…
  4. Why SAP customers need DevSecOps now more than ever

    Setting DevSecOps goals are a key component for aligning mission-critical application functionality with business needs. However, these goals create challenges for teams supporting SAP mission-critical applications. With multiple technologies, architectures, and a lack of unified development sets, SAP application developers handle changes through manual coding and change processes. Errors in custom code can create quality,…
  5. Least Privilege 2.0: Controlling Risk in a Dynamic Environment

    A growing landscape of laptops and smartphones, widespread internet access, and remote workforces throughout the world have increased the need for risk and identity management and has changed how security models should operate. Continuing to focus on only two dimensions, the “Who” (users and user groups) and the “What” (roles and authorizations), leaves organizations vulnerable…
  6. How to prioritize security measures to avoid an SAP data breach

    With the increasing number of Cyberattacks in different forms, organizations need to avoid the high cost and significant business impact of a potential SAP data breach. Traditional network security does not provide adequate protection of the data in your SAP systems against insider and outsider attacks. In this session, John Mortimer, Security Consultant at CyberSafe,…
  7. How to Implement SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance

    You’ve heard of the SAP Identity and Access Governance (IAG) cloud version—but do you know how this cloud version could be implemented into your existing environment? This presentation will walk you through SAP IAG implementation, from covering key requirements for on-premise and cloud environments to planning for connections to ABAP and cloud applications. You will…
  8. Panel | The direction and evolution of access control and identity management

    In 2021’s increasingly digital world, organizations will need to remain vigilant. As remote work continues for at least several more months, we can be sure that threat actors will continue to adapt their tactics to capitalize on employees working remotely. Without a clearly defined corporate perimeter, identity will be more important than ever when it…
  9. What’s New in Access Governance: Implications for identity access management and access control

    Most SAP customers have invested significantly in their on-premise landscape, including a high level of compliance and governance thanks to identity access management and governance solutions. But what happens to all of these solutions once you move to the cloud and need to manage access across the landscape all at the same time? In this…
  10. The business benefits of SAP Enterprise Threat Detection

    Nowadays, not a day goes by without a new data breach being reported in the news. Cyber-attacks often target our IT infrastructure using phishing, smishing, ransomware or malware. The goal is often to disrupt a company’s operations, encrypt databases or block access to carry out extortion. The average time to contain a security breach is…