Security has always been important for SAP applications, but this has historically been primarily focused on access and process control for applications. With the focus on moving enterprise applications into the cloud space, overall security is becoming more and more critical, as is compliance to various government regulations and standards. Content in this topic area will focus on ensuring that SAP systems are secure from both internal and external security threats, as well as what organizations need to do to prepare systems for potential cybersecurity attacks. It will additionally cover compliance topics, the impact of different compliance regulations, and what steps SAPinsiders need to take to ensure that their applications and data meet these requirements.


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    SAP Announces It Is Addressing Cyber Security Gaps in Multiple Cloud Solutions

  2. Impact of Cloud and SAP HANA on Enterprise Security Strategy Benchmark Report

  3. Insights for Evaluating, Identifying, and Executing Cybersecurity for Your SAP Systems


  1. Dell Technologies

    Dell Technologies helps organizations and individuals build their digital future and transform how they work, live, and play. The company provides customers with the industry’s broadest and most innovative technology and services portfolio for the data era. For SAP users worldwide, Dell makes the Intelligent Enterprise a reality, with SAP-certified solutions that advance cloud momentum, bridge data sources, and enable real-time intelligence. From infrastructure and data protection platforms to flexible consumption programs and professional services for SAP HANA deployment, migration and re-platforming, Dell offers choice, no matter where you are on the SAP journey.

  2. Panel Discussion: Customer Experiences with Cybersecurity

    All SAP customers have solutions in place that they can use for securing their SAP systems. This typically involves SAP Solution Manager as that is used by most organizations for maintenance and patch deployment but may also include other SAP and non-SAP tools that have different roles and capabilities. This panel will allow attendees to…
  3. How to prioritize security measures to avoid an SAP data breach

    With the increasing number of Cyberattacks in different forms, organizations need to avoid the high cost and significant business impact of a potential SAP data breach. Traditional network security does not provide adequate protection of the data in your SAP systems against insider and outsider attacks. In this session, John Mortimer, Security Consultant at CyberSafe,…
  4. Securing SAP Systems from Cyber Attack with SAP Solution Manager

    Protecting SAP systems against advanced cyber threats using standard tools available to all SAP support customers is vital. This includes System Recommendations for patch management, Configuration Validation for vulnerability management, System Monitoring for threat detection, and Guided Procedures for incident response. Some important questions are: – How can I manage cyber threats with tools that…
  5. Protecting SAP with an Adaptive Security Model

    Agility is the name of the game in today’s SAP security landscape. Being able to detect threats as they happen, quickly address vulnerabilities, and continuously improve your security posture is crucial to protecting your SAP data and your business as a whole. However, getting here is a challenge in itself. One strategy that is helping…
  6. Keynote: Trends and decisions for securing your SAP systems

    SAPinsider recently surveyed 263 members of our community to understand the most important factors for securing their SAP systems. “By far the greatest need for survey respondents (56%) was that of protecting access to sensitive and confidential data”. This session will present findings from that research including what strategies SAPinsiders are taking and the requirements…
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  8. Protecting the mission-critical applications that run your business

    Over the last few months, everywhere you turn, there’s another story about debilitating ransomware attacks on mission-critical or business-critical systems. From fuel and energy companies to food processing companies, no industry is safe or immune. The traditional ways in which we respond to ransomware attacks no longer are as effective. What’s needed is a new…
  9. SAP Security Redesigns image

    Companies Combine their SAP Security Redesigns

    A poorly executed SAP security redesign can have significant effects on an organization: unauthorized access, increased potential for fraud, inefficient access provisioning for end-users, and audit issues. To avoid this scenario and improve security, more companies are combining their SAP security redesigns with updates to their SAP GRC solutions, observes Adam Fattorini, Senior Manager, PwC…
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    Centralizing User Access Management

    A global tools and storage company that generates $14.5B in annual revenue and employs more than 10,000 workers worldwide had more than 100 enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems to handle. To get a grip on this sprawl, the company decided to optimize its IT environment with a plan that included a migration of its financial…