Human Capital Management

Content in this area will help HR, payroll, talent, and recruiting professionals understand how to get the most out of both SAP and SAP SuccessFactors technologies across core HR, payroll, time management, talent management, recruiting, and employee experience. This area will include content that helps HR organizations leverage the latest HCM and HXM technology to meet the requirements of increased workforce efficiency, greater employee engagement, improved employee experience, and reduced costs of critical business processes. 


  1. Video Q&A: Dr. Steve Hunt discusses the post-COVID return to the office

  2. SuccessFactors Time Tracking

    Video Q&A: Amy Wilson Discusses SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking

  3. SAP SuccessFactors

    Meet the Women Steering the Ship at SAP SuccessFactors


  1. Reveal


    As supply chain experts, we help some of the biggest names reduce operating costs, free up working capital & improve service levels. We educate and empower organizations to use powerful capabilities by optimizing the investment already made in SAP. The result. No spreadsheets, only organizations running world-class supply chains delivering improved performance.

  2. A look at recent innovations in Core HR, Time Management, and Payroll

    This informative “reverse roadmap” session will highlight the most recent innovations and updates that SAP SuccessFactors has delivered across Employee Central, Employee Central Time, and Employee Central Payroll. You will learn about solution updates and innovations you may have missed and get up-to-speed on recent releases. Attend this session to understand the key functionality and…
  3. Employee Centric Workforce Management and your HXM Vision

    With everything your employees are dealing with today, you need to make it easy for them to accomplish the transactions needed to ensure they are accurately paid and can easily access important benefits like time off and leave. Simplifying tasks related to traditional time and attendance processes can have a huge impact to employees work…
  4. Core HR for an Agile Business

    Hear a real-world story of how SAP SuccessFactors solutions can help you harness innovation to place employees at the center of your business. Learn how you can better manage a global workforce, empower employees, run an agile business, and easily track attendance and payroll.
  5. Keynote | Move to the Cloud with Human Experience Management

    As an HR leader, people are your business. How do you engage them with engaging experiences, the right guidance, and the tools required to support your business strategy? By moving to the cloud and leveraging Human Experience Management (HXM). To be an employer of choice, you should provide people experiences that are simple, intuitive, and…
  6. Dassian

    Dassian is a strategic SAP, Microsoft, and global system integrator partner delivering ERP-based, standardized contract management, managerial accounting, program management, and material accounting and logistics solutions for highly regulated and project-centric industries.

  7. NTT DATA Business Solutions

    Digital transformation helps companies reach their full potential – if the underlying technologies work for the people using them! At NTT DATA Business Solutions, we design, implement, manage and continuously enhance SAP solutions to make them work for companies – and for their people.

  8. Realize an Exceptional Employee Experience with Talent Intelligence

    HCM alone is not enough to meet employee expectations. Today’s office is virtual, digital, and diverse, and enterprises need a new way to retain and motivate their workforces. This way forward is Talent Intelligence, which uses deep learning AI to create new enterprise capabilities for competitive success. Join this talk with Eightfold AI President Kamal…
  9. Global Human Capital Trends: The social enterprise in a world disrupted

    Amid perpetual disruption, it is critical that organizations become, and remain, distinctly human at their core. To be able to navigate uncertain futures, organizations must shift from a survival mindset to a thrive mindset. In this informative webinar, we will discuss: How prepared organizations were for the pandemic, and how they now plan to shift…
  10. Video Q&A: Luke Marson Discusses Strategies That Can Help Drive Successful Employee Experience Management

    In this SAPinsider Contributing Expert video, iXerv’s Luke Marson discusses why employee experience is such a hot topic and offers some advice for strategies HR organizations can use to drive successful employee experience management efforts.