ERP Platform & Infrastructure

The enterprise ERP system is the core of the SAPinsider’s business landscape, representing a single source of both business and financial data. At the same time it also is part of a larger landscape of solutions that consume that data including analytics, financial management, data management, SCM, and HCM. To be successful all these solutions require a supporting platform and infrastructure on which they are deployed. Content in this area will cover a wide range of topics from the SAP and partner technologies across the enterprise ERP space, the enterprise ERP systems themselves, the cloud platforms, providers, and technologies that underpin and support those systems, to the physical infrastructure and operating systems that are needed for SAP products to be deployed. 


  1. digital world

    SAP Takes Partner Applications to Customers Worldwide

  2. Make Better Business Decisions with At-Your-Fingertip Support for SAP Landscapes

    Make Better Business Decisions with At-Your-Fingertip Support for SAP Landscapes

  3. Kurt Hollis

    An Inside Look at SAP’s HANA Release Strategy and How to Optimize Performance


  1. Tech Mahindra

    SAP HANA is one of the most significant releases in SAP’s history. It represents an enormous shift, bringing traditional ERP processes and functionality together with a high-performance data analytics engine embodied in SAP HANA. Hear directly from SAP Expert Kurt Hollis with key insights into the SAP HANA release strategy and your steps to success…
  2. SAP S/4HANA - image

    Cooperation Helps NNS Deploy SAP S/4HANA Successfully

    Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS) has accelerated its effort to transform into an integrated digital shipbuilder by recently deploying SAP S/4HANA. The complex implementation required extensive cooperation between IT and business units to pull it off. Minimizing disruption to its IT and operational environments was paramount for the company, which builds the ships at the heart of…
  3. bentley systems video featured image

    Cloud and SAP S/4HANA Drive IT Landscape of the Future

    Barry Carney, Senior Director of Global Business Services at Bentley Systems, shares how the global software provider is building a roadmap toward achieving a competitive edge.  Bentley Systems runs a highly evolved, intertwined infrastructure. Essential for the company, says Barry Carney, Senior Director of Global Business Services, is keeping pace with innovations as they happen. To balance its complex SAP landscape with its ambition to develop an enterprise system of the…
  4. Migrating to Google Cloud with Minimal Risk and Disruption

    Agility, cost and operational efficiency have made Google Cloud a destination of choice for running SAP. However, migrating these mission-critical systems to the cloud is no small feat. Complexity, size, customization and low downtime requirements can create potential roadblocks to a successful migration strategy if not handled properly. Attend this webinar to discover the benefits…
  5. SAP S/4HANA - image

    NNS Implements SAP S/4HANA to Enable Digital Shipbuilding

    Newport News Shipbuilding Implements SAP S/4HANA to Enable Digital Shipbuilding Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS) builds the ships at the heart of the U.S. Navy’s strategic force: aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines. With $5 billion in revenues and more than 25,000 employees, Va.-based NNS is the largest military shipbuilding company in the United States. As it…
  6. SAPinisder Technology Insight S4HANA Simulation Image

    Experiencing Your SAP S/4HANA Future

    By Robert Holland, VP and Research Director, SAPinsider For those deploying SAP S/4HANA, one of the most important requirements they must fulfill is educating business users and executives on SAP S/4HANA features. While this can be partially achieved by attending webinars, demonstrations, and listening to what other customers have to say, it is still difficult…
  7. connected cloud image

    Deliver Competitive Advantage via Cloud-Based SAP Workloads

    By Alex Soto, Editor, SAPinsider Organizations today are transitioning their SAP workloads to the cloud to achieve greater flexibility and scalability. Benefits of this move include increased efficiency, improved productivity beyond the initial transition, and the ability to deploy applications more rapidly than on-premise infrastructure supports. While the underlying thread that enables successful cloud adoption…
  8. Video of Discussion on Cloud Success

    Video: Leveraging the Cloud After Transformation

    Organizations are moving enterprise applications to the cloud to leverage the flexibility and scalability that it offers, in addition to having an environment on which they can more rapidly deploy applications. But once they have moved to the cloud, what can they do to leverage the functionality that it offers beyond that initial deployment? And…...…
  9. Move From Theory to Practice with ABAP Extension Examples

    By Karl Kessler, Vice President of Product Management, SAP AG   Contributing Editor: John Yuva, SAPinsider Within the main article, “Key Considerations for the SAP S/4HANA Cloud ABAP Environment,” we introduced the SAP S/4HANA Cloud ABAP environment. It provides ABAP developers with full ADT access to released SAP S/4HANA Cloud business objects and extension points. In this companion piece,…