Data & Analytics

Data and Analytics involves the management of both operational and analytical data, as well as the analysis of that data so that organizations can understand the performance of and improve their business processes and outcomes and make more effective decisions. With many organizations now looking to combine their operational data with data sourced from user experience, having processes and procedures in place to ensure that they are making the most effective use of that data is critical to timely decision making. Content in this area will cover tools that organizations can use to understand and manage their data as it is moved and stored across the enterprise, as well as the tools in use throughout the community to analyze that data. It will also provide guidance on technologies like AI and machine learning, robotic process automation, and how new technologies in these areas are being used to achieve business advantages for those who use them.


  1. Four Questions to Help You Understand Embedded Analytics

    Four Questions to Help You Understand Embedded Analytics

    By Dmitry Kuznetsov

  2. Case Study: Rumpke and the future of planning with SAP’s Analytics Cloud – Webinar

  3. Automate Your SAP Processes More Strategically


  1. PwC

    Analysts and business leaders agree that digital transformation is a top strategic priority in the coming years — and the investment dollars are following. The pressure to go faster is acute for organizations that run their business on SAP ERP systems. In the clamor to digitize, organizations must realize that different business processes require differentiated…
  2. Automating Monitoring and Control of Warehouse Time Standards

    by Kumar Singh, Research Director, Automation & Analytics, Supply Chain Management, SAPinsider   Critical role of time standards in Warehouse operations A warehouse manager can use time standards in a variety of applications and in virtually any type of working environment. Some of these applications are explained below: Estimating Labor requirements Scheduling jobs and workflows…
  3. Special Expert Demo for SAPinsiders: Bringing the Top in Testing Automation Directly to You

    Most organizations have a need for the latest and greatest in technology, but their people don’t have the time to sign up and schedule multiple demos in search of the best one for them. Avo Automation knows this is a struggle, so we are bringing you a live demonstration packed with information relevant to you.…
  4. Video Q&A with Sahil Dhawan, Global SAP Business Head, TechMahindra

    Automotive industry is going through a challenging phase due to supply chain disruptions experienced during the pandemic. These challenges, along with other imperatives like the need to digitize for cost leadership, changing product portfolio and customer excellence are some of the drivers that are making many automotive suppliers look at tools and technologies that can…