Data Management & Data Warehousing

With many organizations looking to implement cloud-based data lakes and data warehouses, managing the constantly increasing data volumes has become increasingly important as organizations look to ensure they have reliable methods of accessing, integrating, cleansing, governing, and storing data. Examine the different tools available for organizations working in the SAP space, and which make the most sense in different business scenarios. Learn how to utilize these tools to ensure that your data is ready to support the analytics scenarios your organization uses today, as well as preparing for future priorities like AI and machine learning which require a different level of data preparation.


  1. Worksoft corporate logo image


    Worksoft has become the industry’s leading continuous test automation platform for Enterprise Packaged Apps, offering a diverse ecosystem of service providers, software integrations, and machine learning solutions to enable true end-to-end, unattended, automated testing of mission-critical business applications.

  2. Getting started with data warehouse cloud

    SAP’s advanced data warehouse, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is SAP’s latest technology driving advanced data management for analytics. A cloud-based system, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, offers a new paradigm for taming data chaos in your enterprise by bringing many data sources together into a smoothly function data store, ready for advanced analytics. Attend this comprehensive…
  3. SAP BusinessObjects BI and SAP Analytics Cloud: Best of both worlds

    Extend your analytics capabilities and self-service user analysis across your entire organization with SAP Analytics Cloud while continuing to use your enterprise operational reporting and your semantics layer and universes, and SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence models and assets. In this session, we will: -Provide an overview of how you can gain greater analytics capabilities by…
  4. Analytics Success: In a world turned upside-down, what changed and what didn’t?

    Recent events have led to an explosion of economic uncertainty, and analytics has become the “number one pandemic technology” — because businesspeople don’t want to navigate in the dark. In this session we’ll take a look at how latest analytics technologies provide more opportunities than ever to let organizations know where they stand today, and…
  5. The future of data warehousing

    The practice of managing data for the next generation of analytics is rapid evolving. Advanced techniques of combining multiple data sources into a single data fabric, managing user privileges and communities, and data sharing throughout the cloud offer new capabilities and new risks in delivering data in the cloud.
  6. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud: Better Together

    SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud represent the future of SAP Analytics solutions. In this session, SAP Product Evangelist and Expert Ingo Hilgefort will discuss why and how you will want to run both solutions together. You will understand the value of a truly unified data and analytics offering for your organization. Key…
  7. SAP data warehouse cloud – an introduction

    SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is SAP’s public cloud data warehouse offering, with integrations into SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA, SAP BW/4HANA and many other SAP Applications out of the box. In this introduction session, attendees will receive an overview on the role of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud as part of the overall data warehouse strategy and…
  8. Efficiently manage your SAP systems in hybrid environments with SAP Landscape Management

    SAP Landscape Management is an orchestration and automation solution that assists with managing your SAP systems deployed on-premise, private cloud, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) aka Hyperscaler environments, or in a hybrid setup. SAP Landscape Management helps many customers in the world to be more efficient, flexible, and resilient. The solution supports in the journey to be an…
  9. Virtustream

    Virtustream, a Dell Technologies business, is the enterprise-class cloud service provider trusted by enterprises worldwide to migrate and run their mission-critical SAP applications in the cloud. For enterprises, service providers and government agencies, Virtustream’s xStreamCare Services expertise provides a personalized, high-touch approach to application and system modernization. Virtustream’s SAP-certified experts are backed by 10+ years of migration and management experience, featuring the completion of over 2,500 SAP migrations to date with 0 production rollbacks. As a result, organizations are assured to achieve the highest levels of availability, performance, security, agility and efficiency in the cloud.

  10. Intel IT transforms Intel Supply Chain with SAP HANA

    The increasing complexity in the supply chain has created the need for IT businesses to move to new real-time analytics solutions based on SAP HANA and simplify the system back to a standard integrated ERP solution. How can you deliver advanced analytics/predictive capabilities for my supply chain? How can you reduce risk across the supply…