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Chief Information Officers (CIOs) at companies running SAP software have many key priorities they are juggling and multiple investment decisions to make. They often have competing projects, fluctuating budgets, and many options to choose from regarding their hardware and software landscapes. Content in this topic area helps CIOs and other key executive decision makers understand how to leverage SAP solutions – such as SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA – as well as partner and SAP add-on offerings to optimize their IT landscapes, business processes, and resources. Content will cover a wide range of key topics from making investment decisions in SAP strategy and technology to identifying best-fit team and organizational structures to understanding market trends and analysis.


  1. SNP

    SNP, the leading software provider for SAP transformation, enables enterprises to respond quickly to technical and business transformations in their SAP environments to gain predictive analytics allowing real-time critical business decisions. With its data transformation platform, CrystalBridge, SAP projects such as transitions to S/4HANA, mergers and acquisitions, carve-outs, and cloud migrations within the most complex IT environments are restructured and modernized with automation taking project times from years to months.

  2. CIO

    Enable the Boring Go-Live: The CIO’s Dream for M&A

    Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures are just as much of an undertaking for a CIO as they are for a CFO; they are impactful on both the business and technology side. So you need a digital transformation solution and approach that addresses both. Determining which SAP systems and data sets to migrate, integrate, or carve-out as…
  3. evolving ai capabilities image

    Evolving Your Organization’s AI Capabilities

    By Kumar Singh, Research Director, SAPinsider AI is a critical component in helping organizations transform the way they operate, improve customer service, and offer new opportunities to their workforce. At SAPinsider, we will be publishing an AI and ML State Of the Market benchmark report for the first time in early 2022, to capture insights…
  4. How SAP Customers are Accelerating ROI in the Cloud image

    How SAP Customers are Accelerating ROI and Innovation in the Cloud

    Over the last few years, SAP customers are migrating more and more business processes and data to the cloud. This transition requires that companies navigate some critical decision points and add specific skills and experience to their arsenal. In this interview with Frank Powell, President, Managecore we discuss some of the reasons why SAP customers…
  5. Define Your Business Case and Deployment Strategy for SAP S/4HANA image

    Business Case and Deployment Strategy for SAP S/4HANA

    While the deadline for organizations to migrate to SAP S/4HANA is not until 2027, many SAP customers have already migrated or plan to migrate in the coming years. According to SAPinsider research, the uptick in activity is driven by several factors including the need to reengineer business processes and address poor configurations as well as…...…
  6. The roadmap to Cybersecurity

    Are you eager to deepen your knowledge about SAP Security, SAP Data Protection products and services? Securing an SAP S/4HANA business application environment involves more than perimeter security and roles & authorizations. The loss of sensitive data can result in severe penalties, damage reputation and endanger a company’s entire business within minutes. In this session…
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    SAPinsider 2022 Conference

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  8. Is Design Thinking the Missing Link in Data Science ? Part I/II

    By Kumar Singh, Research Director, SAPinsider What is the true failure rate of data science projects? During one of the conversations with a guest we were hosting during the 4th of July weekend, we started a discussion focused on guesstimating what percentage of data science projects are actually successful. The other person had an opinion…
  9. Retain Your Data Science Talent image

    How to Retain Your Data Science Talent

    By Kumar Singh, Research Director, SAPinsider Attrition in Data Science teams had hit an all-time high prior to the pandemic. And now we are looking at “The Great Resignation”. There is no speculating what type of talent is the most desired (and required) in this digital decade as companies scramble to attract as well as…
  10. Panel Discussion | Building the right culture for your SAP S/4HANA deployment

    Ensuring the success of your SAP S/4HANA deployment starts well before the deployment itself. This session provides the lens through which you can accurately access the influence and impact that you have on those you lead. You will understand with a 360 view the effect that the right culture will have on your team, and…